Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Dangers of a Quiet Workday...

Online shopping... GAH!! Thanks to vouchercodes.co.uk I discovered boohoo.com.. Thanks to boohoo.com, I discovered these things...

Helena Stripe Dress
I'm not entirely convinced about this dress.. would be cute for summer tho..??

Lola Dogtooth Button Pocket Shift Dress

I love this dress! So cute.. and I am digging that neckline..
Kimba 2 in 1 Colour Block Dress

Kimba 2 in 1 Colour Block Dress

Again, I'm not entirely sold on this dress, mostly because I don't think I'm skinny enough to pull it off...
But wouldn't mind getting it to try it on... what do you think??

And then.. there are these...

Anna Purple Criss Cross Front Heel

So, what do you think?? Yes?? No??
It's free returns if I don't like the stuff.. so... I'm not losing out on anything...
Coz I'd get free delivery... hmmmm....



  1. I think they are all cute, especially the Dogtooth shift dress. :)

  2. Thanks Leanna!

    I think I'm going to order them.. I can always return the ones I don't like.. I think I'm in love with the dogtooth shift dress! :)


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