Monday, 28 March 2011

Dream Kitchen

So last week, Sarah over at Moske Monkey Kitchen posted this and I almost died when I saw the pictures...

I would LOVE a kitchen like that... and that PANTRY!! oh.. em.. geee!!!

I have wanted an island kitchen since I've had thoughts about designing my own house.. (about age 10, when we had a house built.. I was super excited when friends of mine became architects and engineers - my own personal ARMY of people to help my dreams to fruition!! self absorbed? just a little bit.. maybe! ;] )

An island kitchen where the GAS COOKER (I pretty much refuse to have anything else, when the mister and I were looking for flats, that was the first thing I checked.. seriously.. pedantic much?? ) is in the middle...

I love how cosy this kitchen looks.. so inviting.. 
If I only had a kitchen this size.. (just imagine how big the rest of the house would be!) I would be a happy lady!!
Island with cooktop and large decorative venthood
Imagine a walk in pantry, behind sliding doors!! AMAZING!!

So there you have it my dears.. a fairly good idea of my dream kitchen... When you dream of your dream house.. what room do you dream about?? I wonder if that tells you something about each person.. I dream about kitchens and living rooms which open out onto a patio/deck/veranda... Surely other people dream about bedrooms and offices and libraries and studies... (I would love a library with shelves to the ceiling filled with books - like you see in movies) but mostly I dream of kitchens and living areas.. 

What does your dream room look like??

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  1. What a gorgeous kitchen! I love to fantasize/plan my future kitchen. I've promised myself that one day I'll live somewhere with a beautiful big kitchen!

    And They Lived Happily Ever After...


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