Sunday, 6 March 2011

Thrifty Thursday & Pamper Evening & General Friday

I added another 5 blogs to my google reader on Friday because of this ... I find myself adding blogs to my google reader every Friday because of it... I love discovering other people in BlogLand!!

I really really really want a sewing machine..

Thursday I went thrifting while I was out getting my lunch.. I came out with two amazing bargains!!

This cute duvet cover which I want to turn into some pj bottoms.. I have enough material for some long bottoms and some little shorts.. hooorah!!

Is this not the cutest fabric EVER!?!
Also this bolt of Ikea fabric which I want to turn into a dress for Summer... I love wearing yellow, it's just so bright and cheerful!!

So if you imagine the middle line running below the bust and  having the lines running straight down a front panel... DRESS!!
The mister and I went for a pamper evening on Thursday which was great fun.. the mister got a hair cut, a mani & a facial... I got a mani, pedi, facial and massage... I had picked up a coupon for the mister for V day, he had made mention that it would be quite fun to go together, and wouldn't you know it a couple of days later, the spa ran a voucher for girls as well... all in all, we had a fun evening, not entirely sure I am in a rush to go back to the salon though..

Midweek Thrifting and Pampering FTW!!!


  1. I love the ikea fabric! I just love ikea in general... :)

    PS - Thanks for commenting on my blog! SO happy you did so I could be led to your blog.. love it!

  2. I love ikea too... it's like a day out for me whenever I get to go.. :D

    Thanks for coming to visit!!


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