Tuesday, 22 March 2011

What Gordon Ramsay and I have in common...

A love for Chop Chop - Haymarket!!

It was by fluke that we ended up at Chop Chop on Sunday night in the not so distant past. We had attempted to eat there once before.. foolishly we showing up (midweek might I add) without a booking and were told there wouldn't be a table until 9.30pm... considering it was only about 6.30pm and we were both fairly hungry, the three hour wait really wasn't an option. It's not like they have a bar for us to while away some hours either! In hindsight, we shoulda just got take away, but anywhos!!

Anyways... let me just say... BELIEVE THE HYPE!! This place is super yummy!! Like.. almost as good as my momma's home cooking yummy... notice I say almost... NOBODY makes home cooking like my momma... well... except HER momma... my granny is a mean cook, actually so is her sister.. my great aunt.. who also used to be my nanny (so I've eaten many a meal at her house growing up)...

We had dumplings.. because they are what you go to Chop Chop for! And a beef noodle soup that rivals some of the ones I've eaten in Asia...

Yea the decor is dated and the place could do with a spruce up.. but whatever.. the food is the closest I've come to authentic whilst outside of Asia... the place is packed every night.. and it's even endorsed by Gordon Ramsay, so you can't go too far wrong really!!

The service is attentive and polite, ie. when you look at a waitress, she comes to the table and asks how she can help... rather than every other place I've eaten at recently, where I'll be giving them the death stare and they are still clueless... what do I have to do?? Bring neon flags and motion them in to land??!!! /rant

Anywhos... where was I?? Right, service = great! Food came quickly (which was good considering, the condition that came with getting a table was that we had to be done in 45mins for a booking - I said, we can do it, can you? reply was "we ARE chop chop!" :D ) and price was pretty decent considering we essentially had a main each, dumplings to share and then dessert dumplings that we shared as well...

No photos... sorry!! Will take some next time... or, if you're in Edinburgh... go check them out for yourselves!! Oh.. just make sure you book first!!!

You will find Chop Chop @ 248 Morrison St
They also have a restaurant in Leith @ 76 Commercial St

As their webpage says: "Can a billion people be wrong?" NO!!

Can't wait to try out their restaurant in Leith!! It's newer and the decor looks a bit more up to date, but I have been assured by others who have been there that the food is just as amazing as the flagship...



  1. Ooh! If the Mister and I ever make it there we'll remember you suggested Chop Chop. I love authentic asian cuisine and the mister is a bit less enthusiastic, but I'm sure if I told him Caz and Gordon Ramsay approve it he'll cooperate! =)
    Yum yum!

    And They Lived Happily Ever After...

  2. If you guys come, we shall take you and Mr Muffin there! :)

    I'm good at convincing!! ;)

    I think there is something everyone can like about all kinds of cuisine, it just sometimes takes time to find the bits that you like... trial and error! That's what you tell Mr Muffin!! :)


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