Thursday, 19 May 2011

Summer Road Trip

Ok peoples.. here's the dealio... this Summer I shall be embarking on a road trip!
Leaving Victoria, BC, Canada and heading to Toronto, ON, Canda.. but the plan is to drive through the US of Eh in order to visit a friend in Montana (don't ask me where in Montana, coz I don't know!)...

Because I am super kitchy, a total cheeseball and pretty much like to behave like I have no class... I am super inclined to hit up as many of them "World's Biggest" attractions as humanly possible without (obviously) having to go way way out of the way... I think luckily many of these things are by the side of highways...

I looked up staying in Wigwam (Teepee) Motels, but most of them are in the more Southern States and that is pretty much out of the question land due to out of the way...

So, what I want from you... People of the States, or People who have Embarked on Similar Journeys... is to gimme some suggestions!! Places to go, places to eat.. where to stay.. what to see... I don't think our timeline has allowance for many "extensive" activities... like hikes etc. but quirky museums, fun parks to stop at to stretch the legs, delicious places to eat... are all welcome...

This is the route that google maps suggested... but I am happy to take suggestions to detour!! Or if anyone wants a visitor!! :D

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xx Caz
Get your thinking caps on peoples!! Ask your families, ask your friends, get out them travel journals!!
No idea too big or too small... just throw things at me!!

I've already decided the giant red wagon in Spokane, Washington is a must!!


  1. I used to live in Montana! I'd say there isn't much to see in Montana other than nature, but if you can spare a couple extra hours definitely go through Yellowstone National Park! I lived there one summer and it was incredible! Bison, elk, deer and all other creatures would cross the road right in front of us and we saw a Moose one night! It was definitely one of my favorite summers! I can't wait to hear all about your trip!!!

    <3 Mrs.Biscuit

  2. Don't forget Mt Rushmore and Niagara falls, they're basically on the way and if you happen to go thru Oregon, Multnomah falls and Crater lake are kinda cool!

  3. yo monkey!!!

    can't wait to start the trip, was feeling like we should have left today!!!!

    we're totally going to tag team this Bi!c* and have a great time!

  4. Mrs B - think Yellowstone is def worth a trip!! I went years ago with my parents.. I love National Parks!

    Sherry - Ooooh Mt Rushmore!! Def a must! I've never been before, so will add it to the list!! And Niagara.. who can resist a ride on "The Lady of the Mist" and donning one of them cheesey blue ponchos!?! Love it!!

    Jonny - I totally can't wait!! I'm absolutely going to make you run while I drive.. (HAHAHA) because you know we're going to be pigging out BIG TIME!! Diners!?! Bring it on!! I wish we coulda left today!

  5. uhhhh, you could always come to Oregon and see me! ahah. The Oregon coast is quite pretty, just sayin' :)

  6. Leanna - Oregon eh?? Hmmm... I could def be swayed!! :) hehe... I love that you used just sayin'... I say it all the time!!

  7. So I heard there is a testicle farm in Montana. Haha totally gross, but I had friends that went there! Road trips are so fun it doesn't matter where you go!

  8. National parks are definitely some of my favorite places, ever! Seriously seeing the animals up close was one of my favorite life experiences. I can't wait to go back with the hubby one day!!

  9. Jamie - so true! Roadies are just awesome!!

    Mrs B - go on a safari in Africa! Tho we almost got run over by an elephant... it was a bit crazy!! But it's pretty amazing being woken up by a herd of stampeding elephants!!


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