Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Woman of Inspiration - Marcia Kilgore

There I was on my lunch break, casually perusing the newspaper (The Times 2 - it's a daily pullout from The Times and pretty much the only "paper" I read) and I come across an article about Marcia Kilgore.. Having sold her upteenth billion pair of FitFlops! I found out about these shoes, via some magazine somewhere years ago (I hardly ever buy magazines so I was probably in some dentist/spa/hairdresser's), and they were endorsed by Oprah.. A shoe with a gym built in??!! I had to give them a go! I was so excited about my first pair that I didn't bother reading the instructions and wore them out for a full day of shopping in the first shot... boy were my legs sore the next day!! I figured the shoes must be doing something!! To be honest, the first pair also gave me a blister between my toes and ergo they were left at mum's house when I left...

I have since bought another pair (they were on sale, and I had a code for 20% off) and I wear them ALL the time! I wear them around the house in fact.. and now that the weather is getting warmer I will be sporting them outside more as well..

Anywhos.. not only is she the entrepreneur behind these fabulous Oprah endorsed phenomenon shoe which now has brands from Sketches to Reebok ripping them off but she is also the mastermind behind the Soap&Glory  brand.. which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Of course I'd seen them at Boots and I'd fallen in love with the packing and the puntastic product names and the clever and witty product descriptions on the back.. but I wasn't entirely sold on purchasing the stuff... my old flatmate ended up giving me a bunch of stuff when she did a Spring clean.. I was sold! Everything smells devine and seems to work a treat! I have a tube of hand food at work to banish dry hands and the fact that it makes everything smell nice is a super awesome perk!

According to the articles I've read, you can pick up their stuff at Target, so for those of you in the US of Eh, have a look for them next time you're at Target and at least have a chuckle at the clever copywriting even if you don't end up buying anything from the range!

In case all that wasn't enough she was also the founder of Bliss Spas, mostly sold to the LVMH empire for the likes of £30m {source}!! Google her, have a read.. I think she's worth the time..

xx Caz[disclaimer - I am in no way affiliated with any of the above mentioned brands/people/stores, they really wouldn't notice if I were to drop off the earth tomorrow, I am just a fan of the products and found Marcia's story rather inspirational/interesting!]

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