Monday, 13 June 2011

The Monday Greens~

The trouble with Mondays... apart from the whole having to be at work thing... is that it's a whole FIVE days until the weekend... bah!! At least each day brings up closer to the weekEND... it's only Monday and I'm longing for the weekend.. oh dear... anywhos... X's filing is seriously making me lose my will to live.. I've done some of it.. but I'm leaving the rest of it till tomorrow.. can I just say it seriously does my head in when he sends me things to print.. which are ONE page... ONE PAGE!!! Surely it can't be so difficult to hit the print button!?!?! Or walk across the office to collect it from the colour printer.. seriously.. it's 10 steps (I just counted) with my 5'5.5" legs.. so it's probably like 6 steps for him!! GAH!! /rant

Anyyyywhos... so.. I got to work... couldn't find my swipe card... must have left it in the pocket of my jeans which I wore Friday... oops... super annoying as our bathroom is outside the office, so you need your swipe to get in after you go to the loo... GAH!!  I also left my phone at home... not such a huge deal seeing as I don't get many calls/texts anyways.. but still.. majorly annoying!! I also somehow forgot to put my rings on, so all day my hands have felt kinda naked.. do you get that?? It's the same feeling as forgetting my watch.. tho I usually put my watch and rings on at the same time.. so I really don't know how I managed to put on my watch and not my rings...??? *le sigh*

At least I have yummy ribs to look forward to when I get home tonight... they have been cooking in the juices which also cooked our yummy pulled pork last night... I think I will pick up some coleslaw and bake some cornbread and that'll be dinner!!

To counter all this ranting & gloominess... I had a fun convo with the bossman as I was nipping out to pick up some more herbal tea..

bossman: nice tights today caz! they're the brightest things I've seen all day! (he gets to be pink because it's his favourite colour - no joke!)
(yup, I still had my trianers on.. I don't bother changing out of them unless we have visitors to the office..)
me: what about my nails?
they look much brighter IRL! like almost fluro green..
bossman: holy geezuz! are those all your own or are they fakies? (grabbing my hand to have a look)
me: they're mine..
bossman: they're nice, you have nice nails.. 

Yup.. those are seriously the type of conversation I have with my bossman.. weird much?? I love it tho.. I've always been lucky and had super cool bosses & managers that I've gotten along well with and have had super casual laidback relationships with.. I've been lucky to have higher ups that I've never been afraid to approach with problems I'm having at work or questions, for fear of them thinking less of me or whatever... And I think that's why I don't really tend to have problems at work.. yea, I have a rant and a moan about things like when X is doing my head in.. but for the most part, they are just trivial things, and once I get it off my chest, I'm ok with it.. but I've never been afraid to ask questions when I don't know or have been unclear about something.. but I also have just normal everyday conversations with my higher ups..

I once had a bosslady say to/ask me "Isn't my husband a hottie?".. Luckily her hubby was indeed a hottie so there was no debate whether I should to lie or not! Though looking back, it probably coulda been a super awkward situation, ie. does it seem like I've been checking out her hubby if I say yes?!?! will she be flattered or offended by that??!! :D but it wasn't at all, it really just felt more like if a bestie had asked me, and I was quick to reply "yup huh"..

So I guess I really shouldn't complain about work.. I work in a pretty relaxed environment (which is perfect for me) with some pretty awesome people (most of the time! ;] ), everyone has a great sense of humour and some days it doesn't feel like work at all!!  Anywhos.. speaking of work.. I should probably get back to it!!

How goes your Monday??
xx Caz


  1. You and your boss have such an interesting relationship! I'm glad he's so nice to you... I've definitely had my share of not-so-nice bosses!

    Oh and those nail, ROCK!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. I always have very laidback relationships with my bosses.. *am lucky*

    :( to hear you've had your share of not so nice bosses!!

    I had to take the green off coz I had a voucher for shellac that was going to expire.. but now I have BRIGHT RED nails! :)


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