Sunday, 4 December 2011

Blog Name Change...

Hey Peeps!

So I have been thinking lately... that I'm going to change my blog name... so that my blog name matches my blogspot address.. I also think that Caz Monkeys Around would be easier for people to remember than just Monkeying Around... and I think the narcissistic part of me just likes that it incorporates my name! :D

The main reason really is so that my blog name and blogspot address are synonymous.. and Caz Monkeys Around is far more unique than Monkeying Around...
xx Caz
I'll make the change in the next couple of days... so don't fret if you think I've disappeared from your blogger reader... I've just moved on up the alphabetical order a little bit!!

[edit] Ok, I thought I could just change the header on my page, but it's gone ahead and switched the name.. so I'm just going to go with it.. Welcome to the new blog! What do you think of the new font?? I'm still undecided...

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