Monday, 19 March 2012

April Photo A Day via Fat Mum Slim

Hey lovelies!!

Project 365's and Photo A Day's seem to be all the rage at the minute... so who am I buck the trend and not jump heartily onto the bandwagon!?!?  I have decided to take part in Fat Mum Slim's April Photo A Day...
Are any of you playing too??

Wish I could follow along on Instagram... (it's the only time I lament not having an iFone)... but apparently it's coming to Android in the near future... (apparently!)... so until that day comes.. I will be playing along on this lil' ol' blog o'mine!! Tho I am contemplating getting a sister blog to play along so I'm not inundating this blog with a photo a day... What do you guys think??

If I were to get a sister blog... I am contemplating getting a Tumblr rather than another blogspot address... who knows what about tumblr??!! I'm all ears eyes!!

I'd love to know if you're playing along!! And also your opinion about whether I should just put photos up here, or if I should get somewhere new to put photos?? Tho another option would be to upload a daily photo to a folder on my G+ account... and maybe doing a weekly round up for the blog... this also allows a bit of cheating if I miss a day somewhere along the line.... :)
xx Caz
This is all assuming I manage to stick it out for the entire month of course!!

Please leave your 2 cents worth below!!
I've got a couple of weeks to make a final decision before kicking off on April 1st!!


  1. I'm a photo a day challenge drop out. LOL. I've seen a lot of bloggers post their photos from say Sunday to Friday on a Friday to cut down on posts. That seems to work well and I find it enjoyable as a reader. I hope that helps! =)

    1. LOL.. I hope I can keep up all 30 days!!
      Thanks for your suggestion of posting weekly.. I think that's the kinda format I'm going to use rather than posting a photo every day!
      You should try again in April!! :)

  2. a photos a idea for a series..nice !

    1. Ahhh Wallace, you jest! Considering you are featured daily on!! Think I'll have to try hard to keep up all 30 days and not slack.. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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