Sunday, 15 April 2012

April Photo-a-day Round-up #2

Hey lovelies,

Somehow another week has gone by.. where'd the time go??

Here's my second instalment of #photoadayapril photos...

Day 8. Inside your wallet - some small bills, some plastic and a whole lotta coinage~

Day 9. Younger you - a few moons ago, from life in Whistler...

Day 10. Cold - well the weather is only getting warmer here.. so about the only cold things are icy desserts... (rather big FAIL on the polaroid effect... think I shall be deleting that app)

Day 11. Where you ate breakfast - on the couch in the living room..

Day 12. Stairs - easily my favourite photo this week.. from my travels in Boston circa 2006...

Day 13. Something you found - a geocache by Taipei 101..

Day 14. How you feel today - lazy.. it was a pj's and chill out day...

So there you have it! Another week of photos.. weekends are definitely harder as we don't tend to go out.. tho it's interesting trying to find things at home to photograph that fit the cues!!

xx Caz
Shout out goes to fat mum slim for providing the prompts... and don't forget to visit and follow me on lightbox to see more photos from my day-to-day~!!


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