Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Things I Covet : Meadowlark Rings

Thanks to crackbook... I have discovered Meadowlark... A jewellery store in New Zealand... who are producing some AH-MAZE-ING jewellery....

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this Protea Cocktail ring....
Protea Ring $449NZD
IN LOVE.. I tell you!!

Also this Byzantine ring...
Byzantine ring $295NZD
Or this Crystal Bar Ring...
Crystal Bar Ring $239NZD
And this Fang ring!
Fang Ring $175NZD
So much fun!!
I have so many rings already... and I only wear two on a daily basis... tho I'd probably give up one of those for the Fang ring! But that Protea Cocktail ring is just to.die.for!! 

xx Caz

All images from Meadowlark


  1. I might have to go have a nosey at those Caz! The fang ring I could totally see you wearing as well.

    - I did tell you: Summer time

  2. A lot of their stuff is pretty amazing! May have to find a stockist next year while I'm home to try them on. :)

    I think the fang ring is super cute!


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