Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Inspiration & an update on my Scentsy journey...

It's been a while since I posted some inspiration and I came across these on my facebook travels today, so thought I'd share.. :)

I think I need to learn to do this!!

After 8 months of having my Scentsy 'business', I've finally gotten what I consider a 'real' proper order! My friend Fin had ordered a buddy from me and I'd gotten a few things to send to friends but I hadn't managed to sell anything to someone I didn't know... (or really even to anyone I DO know!). I was getting rather disparaged and thought I would have to give it up but thought I would make a 'last ditch effort' and drop some catalogues at hair and beauty salons in the neighbourhood offering them a trial. After a week or so, I hadn't heard back from any of them. And maybe I could have been more 'proactive' and called or stopped back in but I don't like to be 'pushy'... as I hate when I feel pressured into something. (Even if that something turns out to be positive!)

But then I got a text from a girl who had obviously picked up the catalogue while she was getting her hair done at one of the salons! It took almost a month of texting back and forth to find a time, but early last week I packed a bag, got on a bus and knocked on the door of her flat for my first ever Scentsy 'party'. Not much of a party as it was just her and me! As somehow, I'd not thought to tell her to invite some friends until the night before.. oops! But I think it was kinda great as I wasn't nervous at all and didn't feel like I had to 'perform' in front of a group of people. She was so lovely and I spent 2 hours at her flat just chatting and it felt just like hanging out with a friend. Not only that, I walked out with a fantastic order!

I text to keep her updated on the status of her order and she told me she's been promoting me to all her friends and wants to book a party near the end of November so her friends can do their Christmas shopping!

It had been hard as a lot of the girls seem to do very well with their business right from the get go, there are awards given out for people who manage to sell a certain amount within the first 15 and 70 days of joining. Which is announced and celebrated within the facebook group we are all part of, but it can get rather disheartening knowing other people have achieved these goals and I haven't.

But each person is different and each journey is different, so I'm just rejoicing in having completed my first order and hoping that things just get better from here on in!!

xx Caz
{All inspirational photos found from various sources on facebook}


  1. Yay, this is awesome news! I started a month ago and haven't had an order yet, I'm going to take some brochures to local hairdressers, it's a fab idea!

    1. It's been a hard journey so far.. but it's not costing me anything to keep at it, so I shall keep trying!!

  2. Very nice post!

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