Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Halloween Round Up

Howdie Party Peeps!

Halloween started fairly early for me this year as I was put in charge of decorating my work... It was the perfect excuse to go to Poundland and buy all the fun decorations I usually can't justify buying for myself! Though I somehow didn't get any photos of the front window I decorated or the fun things I got to put up all through the shop... #bloggerfail

Another bonus about working at a super fun shop for a super fun lady - getting paid to play with stamps!! I got to make Halloween themed tent cards to accompany some of our marshmallows to go to a wedding!

The Mister had never carved a pumpkin before! So of course we HAD to carve some pumpkins... Though we had no pumpkin carving tools, so had to attack our pumpkins with paring knives... Which made life slightly difficult when it came to carving small details.. but I was pretty stoked with my efforts and think The Mister did pretty well for his first attempt as well. Can you guess which pumpkin is whose?!

For ACTUAL Halloween.. I had a costume courtesy of the NHS... after spending 2.5 hours at A&E... I came home with Frankenhand!! (see my fun Halloween stickers on the windows!?!)
My hand was wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy! 

All because I tried to pick up a plate off the counter... 
which isn't ordinarily a problem... 
except I might have forgotten that this plate had been sitting in the oven... 
at about 185°C for about 20mins....  
Though at the time.. it was more like ARRRGHHHHHHH! 

I sat on the couch with my hand in bowls of cold water for about 3 or 4 hours before The Mister called up NHS 24 who advised going to the A&E as the burn was affecting my joints and I couldn't really move my fingers properly... Luckily one of his colleagues lives not far from us and was still up and able to drive us to the emergency room. Where I sat with my hand under a running tap for two and a half hours until I was seen by a doctor. At one stage I tried to move away from the tap and sit in the waiting room but the pain was excruciating, so back to the tap I went!

And that about sums up my Halloween!

The bandages have come off my hand and luckily they didn't have to do anything further. I still have a blister on my pinky finger and a callous on my thumb, but aside from that, I'm pretty much good as new! It was super frustrating having Frankenhand as I couldn't do a lot of things by myself... ie. get dressed! I had also promised to deliver a Scentsy order to a girl across town... Luckily The Mister had the week off work last week and was home the whole time to help me... and get a CityCar to drive me across town to make my delivery! Thanks Mister!!

xx CazHave you ever had to get dressed using just one hand?
Or even tried putting toothpaste on your toothbrush using one hand!?!

It's harder than you'd think!!

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  1. Hi Caz!!!!

    I wanted to guess that the tree pumpkin was yours, but then I thought perhaps you made the wicked grin, then I thought the tree again... So, yeah, I have no idea which pumpkin you carved and which one was your misters!

    Poor you with your poor hurt fingers! I did the same thing last year, right about this time! I don't know if I really blogged about it, but I was cooking and I went to put something in the oven... long story short, I had a pan sitting in the oven that I ended up grabbing with my non-ovenmitted hand and I burned all my fingers. It was the worst pain EVER! We didn't have any health insurance at the time so all I could do was hold onto baggies of frozen vegetables and hope for the random old pain pills we found in our cabinet to kick in. It was wretched!!! =P

    Happy Halloween friend! It's been far too long since I've properly visited your corner of the internet!

    Hugs and kisses!
    <3 Mrs. Biscuit


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