Friday, 28 March 2014

Hostel Etiquette - If you are leaving early in the morning...

I'm blogging a facebook status I posted a few days ago.. as this was one of the comments...
"I love how you are sharing this, as if it would actually educate some fool. Except well, you don't suffer probably this isn't really going to help anyone, except well crack a smile that it was you and not us."
So, I've decided to come out of blogging hiatus to make a public service announcement:
"if you are leaving early in the morning, have your stuff packed and ready to go, do not spend half an hour rustling plastic bags at 5am.. It's massively annoying for other people trying to sleep.. Also do not put your alarm on snooze then bugger off to the bathroom.. Your alarm also does not need to be at max volume.. And no, don't turn the main room light on to check if you've left anything.. Use the light on that phone you didn't bother to put on silent last night.. Oh and loud conversations in the hallway are really not necessary either..."
I should also add, if you anticipate coming in late at night, to have the things you might need next to or on your bed so you're not having to fossick around in your suitcase/backpack for them when people are already asleep or trying to sleep.. I generally leave my pj's next to or under my pillow when I head out during the day and my toiletries bag next to my bed (under the bed if I'm in a bottom bunk or out next to my luggage if I'm in a top bunk).. that way if I end up coming back late, I can drop off my day pack, grab my pj's, towel, toiletries bag & hit the showers with as little time in the room & making as little noise as possible. I make sure everything I need is in my toiletries bag.. from face/body wash, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush/toothpaste etc. to all my lotions and potions as well as a clean pair of underwear.

Alternatively, just come in and pass out in your bed fully clothed which has proven to be a popular option on many occasions in my hostel coming's and going's...!! Not personally.. I hate sleeping in my clothes.. but it is something which I have often witnessed over the years..

There are many other things I've learnt about hostel life and living.. I did live in a hostel for a year and have cumulatively probably spent about that again, in hostels during my travels.. maybe I'll do a series of 'Hostel Etiquette's..??
xx Caz

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