Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Can one be a Foodstagrammer? An InstaGrammer? And what makes a Foodie??

So, I was recently at an event as a +1 and although I didn't feel out of place being at the event, I found it hard to justify why I was there.

With each introduction came the invariable, so are you a blogger too? Well, hrmm.. I update this blog far too rarely to call myself a "blogger".. And to just say " I'm a foodie" seemed like it lacked some kind of substance.. What exactly IS a foodie?? How does one qualify as a foodie?? Or it is something you can just.. BE?

My host very graciously offered that I have a very good Instagram feed.. Can one be a Foodstagrammer?? Is having a good Insta feed enough to get you on an invite list?? It is for some people! But for the average Jane Bloggs, can one now be an "Instagrammer"?? As one can be a blogger? Or do people still want/expect you to produce some form of written content in return for putting your name on the list?

I mean, there are certainly a lot of IG accounts with huge followings and not all of them have a blog they compliment/supplement.. so surely, one can just be an InstaGrammer? But is this enough???

xx Caz

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