Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Solid Liquids Juniper Cruise

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know a few weeks ago on an insanely sunny Sunday I was drinking gin on a canal boat.

That's because I'd been invited as a guest on a Juniper Cruise by Solid Liquids.
They're the people behind Edinburgh's Juniper Festival if you need reassurance of their qualifications!

It was a great opportunity to find out about some new gins!

Really enjoyed the Martin Miller and Rock Rose is already a firm favourite. Nice to taste Crossbill Gin with the new Walter Gregor tonic and ginger was a nice twist.

First time tasting the lo-cal Minus 33, not a very robust gin on its own, but certainly good in a cocktail. Sometimes even if the gin is familiar, the tonic gets to be the new kid and this was the case with Daffy's paired with Fentiman's 19:05 Herbal Tonic.

 Lovely Day for a cruise. My first trip this far down the canal!

There's a small pitstop after they turn the boat around and a chance for a quick walk to stretch the legs or for a cheeky smoke break.

Solid Liquids are great hosts and really know their stuff when it comes to gins.
The menu will change so even if you're thinking, well I've tried all those gins before, you might get something different on another cruise!


No complaints about drinking gin on a canal boat on a sunny day!
They run the cruises regularly, so check their website for details and get booked on soon!!
xx Caz

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