Saturday, 26 February 2011

Flea Market Treasure Hunting Success!

Monthly Flea Market @ Drill Hall, Dalmeny St, Edinburgh

I love this space, it's so airy and light and just beautiful.. you can rent the studios upstairs..   community space!

This is the second or third one I've been to, and I'm so happy to see that it's really starting to pick up and draw a crowd... stalls and perusers alike! I just have so much fun browsing and am really sad that two of the girls won't be here for the next one... I'm slowly losing my market buddies.. but such is the way with transient friends and life on the road... Markets are a great reason for the girls to get together and we usually go for drinks/tea/coffee/bite after and usually it's just a great day hanging out... Annnnyways...

Today I found two fantastic treasures...

This cute brooch! Only £3! 
This super cute 1925 Bakelite Thermos! I think it's amazing and a total bargain at £3!!

While I am sharing treasures, I thought I would share these little guys with you as well... they are our Elves that we bought in Iceland.. I think they're so cute!! Tho they are far too big to fit in their little house!!! They are handmade from wool... each and every one.. :)

Have you found any good treasures lately?? What are some of your treasures??


  1. What fun treasures! When the Mister and I were thrifting I found a "Biscuit" cookie jar that was the cutest thing I'd ever seen, but they wanted $95.oo for it! Insane right? Too bad in the U.S. all the jars say "cookies" instead of "Biscuits"

  2. Wow, that is crazy!! $95.00!!?!!
    I will forever think of you when I see a "Biscuit" jar from now on!!


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