Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My FIRST Follower!

Is the super duper cute Mrs. Biscuit! from And They Live Happily Ever After...

I have yet to figure out this whole following thing and what happens when you "follow" someone or are "followed", like I have yet to figure out lots of things in BlogLand... but I'm pretty stoked to have a follower... and just hope that my blog is worth following!!

I was hoping to get caught up on my blogging today because I was home from work but the fact that I woke up feeling my head was clamped in a vice grip made anything that required thinking, just a bit too hard..

Anyways, head still feels a bit funny, so think it's off to bedskies for this monkey...

Thanks Mrs. Biscuit for being my first follower and making me happy and smiley on a day I was feeling a bit blurgh.. :)


  1. Aww, this post totally made my day too! Following is fun, but basically only useful for google-reader as far as I can tell... When I log into my blog I also check all the blogs I'm following to see if they've posted anything, and google-reader saves me from clicking on 8 million links... I hope that makes some sense! Anywho.. Happy Tuesday! =)

  2. I use google reader! I just "add subscriptions" tho, is that the same thing as following?? *feels dumb* and then there is connecting with 'google friend connect' - what does THAT do??!!

    I love google reader, in fact I love it so much I blogged about it!! :D *is nerd*

    I have decided to try and thrift you a biscuit tin for being my first follower... :) If I can thrift one, will you let me send it to you??

    Happy Tuesday!!

  3. for whatever it's worth, i added your blog to my google reader a few weeks ago so i have been following you for a while already :)

  4. Awwww thanks Dre!! I will buy you a beer next time I'm in Tw, if you ever find any time to see me! :)

    You are now also on my google reader.. just FYI


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