Thursday, 17 March 2011

30 Days of Me - Day 1

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself


1. I have live in 5 different countries in the past 6 years. I moved to 4 of those countries pretty much knowing no one. I recently moved 3 times in 7 months.

2. I lived in a hostel for a year.

3. The Northern most country I've been to is Iceland.
The Southern most is Antarctica.

4. I am slightly obsessed with monkeys.. even though one pooped on me while on safari in Africa.

5. I have bungy jumped 5 times.. @ The Ledge, Nevis & Kawarau in Queenstown and the Auckland Harbour Bridge, twice.. {you can read about them here} I loved it so much I did Nevis & Kawarau in the same day.. :)

6. I speak English, Mandarin & Taiwanese fluently (the latter two a bit rustily)..

7. I learnt Japanese, French and Spanish at school, but can't speak a word of any of them to save my life!

8. I technically never graduated high school. Luckily I sat and passed my Bursary/University Entrance exams.. I got a letter to tell me I was not invited to participate in my high school graduation because my attendance did not meet the minimum required to graduate.. oops..

9. Not only did I not graduate, I am technically also a high school drop out.. I was living on my own and decided I couldn't be bothered with school, so took it upon myself to stop going... school phoned my parents (after about 4 months!),  boy did I get an earful!

10. Regardless of the last two points. I graduated university TWICE! Once with a Certificate in Business and the second time with a Bachelor in Communications.. tho I didn't actually attend my graduation for my degree.. I had flown the coup and moved to Canada by then.

11. I moved to Canada a week after my last exam in my final year at university.

12. I really do not like touching raw meat... It really grosses me out.. considering I really like cooking.. I usually try to convince someone else to cut up meat for me (luckily, the mister is good at this task!).. Or I will use tongs.. or try to get it straight from the packing to the pot/pan etc.  Raw fish is fine tho.. and I am more than happy to eat beef carpaccio & sashimi... I'm weird.. I know...

13. I was on the Student Executive Council at university, first as a Business Faculty Rep, then as the Sport & Recreations Officer *geek alert!*

14. I have never had a pet. We had dogs when I was in kindergarten. But that's the closest thing.

15. I love noodles!


  1. I love all your answers, it's so nice to learn some more about your life! Wow, you've been on some incredible adventures! I took am technically a high school drop-out, but my parents shipped me off to boarding school after I'd spent a few months not going to school... They didn't like that plan!

    Oh and I tagged you in a handwriting game =)

  2. Aww.. thanks Mrs Biscuit!
    I'm glad my parents convinced me to go back to school.. :D well.. I use "convinced" rather loosely! heh

    Oooh handwriting game.. okies.. :)


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