Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Amazing First House Guest!!!

I forgot to mention that Friday also brought the arrival of our first ever house guest!! ALLLL the way from NZ!! Well.... via London.... and I am so glad he came to visit before moving away again... but more about our adventures later....

NZ Treats!! & Tootsie Roll!! 
He bought TREATS!!! NZ Treats!!! & Tootsie Roll... ehehe... aside from treats... he also helped the mister with dishes over the weekend.... aaaand he went and got ingredients for Saturday breakfast while the mister and I were still in bed.... aaaaand he left some beers in the fridge!! Our future house guests have big shoes to fill!!!

Mr C... If you are reading this... Thanks for being an amazing first house guest!! We do hope we haven't scared you away with too much walking and not enough drinking... I really hope you had fun with us, and in Edinburgh, we really loved having you & hopefully we see you in a few weeks time!! (You can be our house guest again then if you want... ;) )


  1. How exciting that your visit went so well! I love random treats, especially presents from visitors!!!
    One of my best friends, Smartee, is coming to visit me soon, then one day after she leaves a friend from high school is coming. We're going to have a super busy month!

  2. Thanks Mrs. B!!

    I look forward to reading all about your visitors!! :)


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