Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Organizing the Bookcase...

I found this amazing video here @ What Katie Ate
I just have to share it with you all, because I think it's soo cool!!



  1. What a lovely video! I've always dreamt of a rainbow bookcase, the Mister won't go for it though, so we have separate bookshelves and I don't have enough books to organize them rainbow-style, boo!
    One day when we have a huge house I want to fill a whole wall in pretty books!

  2. I wish I could buy lots and lots of books.. but they are too hard to travel with and really expensive to send... alas... I tend to pick up books from thrift stores, then I don't feel so bad about leaving them behind... or trading them when I'm at hostels etc.

    I would love to have a wall of books! Or a library in my house like you see on movies and tv!


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