Friday, 4 March 2011

I told my boss I would flash him...

do other people do this?? Or maybe it's just a strange world I live in?? :D

I got dressed this morning thinking, What t shirt should I wear that would amuse my boss? I then told him I would flash him, coz it would make him happy...- in those exact words.. honest!! (I am wearing  this t shirt {from this website which takes FAR too much of my money} underneath a hoodie, hence the "flashing") btw.. how do brackets work?? Is there an order they go in if you are bracketing inside brackets?? and are the different shaped brackets used for different purposes??!!  I don't remember learning about that in English!!

Anywhos... I am also wandering around the office in my socks... because I am wearing cute socks... and I don't feel like wearing my shoes...

I also offered to show my boss my cute socks, because he asked if I had anything else to show him after I showed him my t shirt... HAHAHA...

Does anyone else ♥ their work??!!


  1. I just plain don't bracket within brackets, because I know if I let myself do it once I'd write entire essays entirely composed of brackets within brackets within brackets.

  2. Hahaha.. but surely there are rules that govern how they work! :)

    That might be a google mission one day for me... *such a nerd*

  3. Nope - your not alone on this one!!

    Have been there done that more than once AND already have that particular t-shirt (first edition too :p)...

    If you count work colleagues in the flashing tallies then I added another 4 in the last couple of weeks although one is technically a repeat offender... ;)

  4. Oh and technically nesting brackets is just a coding thing - you're not supposed to nest brackets in sentences...

  5. Sam = smartypants! =p

    Then what are all the different ones for??!!

  6. For maths probably??

    The square ones you can use in quotes for missing or misspelt bits - I'm sure you've seen "[sic]" before... The curly ones you can use for lists too I think...

  7. Is THAT what [sic] means!?!?!?! :D

    Hmmm... food for thought!!


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