Saturday, 26 March 2011

Playing hookie on a Friday afternoon...

So.. I've done a fair bit of thrifting in the past couple of weeks... I keep meaning to post about it.. but you know the drill... life.. work... being sick..  etc etc.. Anyways.. here's a little summary of all the things I've thrifted of late..  (ok, so I was going to be clever and make some pretty photo collages for you, but I ended up closing something I shouldn't have and I lost a bunch of stuff and just lost all my motivation, so you'll just have to put up with yet another photo bomb post, apologies!) - I promise if you stick to the end, it'll be worth it!! Promise!!!

Anyways... Friday last week, work was fairly quiet so Kym offered to let me leave work early... being a nice sunny afternoon.. she didn't have to tell me twice!! I took the opportunity to go to a charity shop around the corner from work which is only open Thursday 4-7pm, Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-3pm (or something similar which isn't overly conducive shopping hours..) I managed to pick up:

These two cute purses for £1 each.. I figure I would pay for than that for just the chains & clasps, so even if I take the purses apart it was a good bargain!

These 3 tops for £1! I love tank tops for summer to layer underneath things, and I tend to destroy mine coz I wear them so much, so I figure this was a good deal.. I wasn't overly taken with the purple top on the hanger but I liked the buttons... But after trying it on.. the top's quite cute and I have a love of purple, so we shall see if that remains whole... :)

And this cute jug for 60p!! I've been looking for a little milk jug so this fits the bill perfectly!!

I decided to carry on through Grassmarket to get to the library, I stopped in a little antique and curios shop and found a brooch pretty much exactly the same as the one in this post.. and they wanted £18 for it!! Ha! I was well chuffed at my £3 find!!

Here are some views of the castle through some of the Wynds in Grassmarket!
I saw this lovely lady in the shop window of another curios shop, it had fantastic stuff.. it was all just rather pricey... :(

These are the books I picked up from the library... We had been leafing through "High Heels and a Head Torch" while at the pub in Aviemore, and it peaked my interest, so I thought I'd give it a go.. so far it's proving well entertaining..

I walked past a moody St Giles on the Royal Mile

This chair was discarded outside a flat.. If only I could upholster, I woulda bought it home and recovered it... I really like this style of chair.. but alas... my upcycling skills aren't quite there yet!!

Here are some curtains I picked up in my lunch break a couple of weeks ago, I'm not sure what I want to turn them into yet.. but I saw a cute clutch upcycled from some curtains a while ago (can't seem to find the post at the mo) so I was inspired... :)
Last weekend, I went thrifting with the mister to try and find a table to house my sewing machine... we didn't find a table... but we found Papa Smurf!!! He was a bit dirty and a bit ragged, otherwise I woulda bought him home... :)

I also picked up these shelves which shall house some crafting/sewing things once I get my "craft corner" set up somewhere... 
AND... the reward if you are still reading... Look at THESE cute things!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag!! I think the cat tin will house my new hot glue gun... and a Marie Claire cookbook for some more cooking inspiration!!

A close up of the cat tin because of it's amazing kitty cuteness!!

Thanks for making it through this really long post, I loved sharing my awesome finds with you!!
As a reward if you are STILL reading.. here are some pretty pictures of a moody Edinburgh from North Bridge... 


  1. I love the blue kitty tin and the spurfy doll! I always have so much fun thrifting, even when I don't find things to take home! That chair was really cool but I can relate to the inability to upcycle things... I'm much better at dealing with ugly furniture or hunting for new cute stuff!

    And They Lived Happily Ever After...

  2. I knew you would love the kitty tin! I was so close to bringing papa smurf home.. but he was just a bit too icky..

    I wish I knew how to upcycle that chair.. oh well.. we can't all be good at everything!! And it's so much more fun hunting for cute new stuff!! :)

  3. Awesome finds AND beautiful scenery! Oh my goodness. What a fabulous place to thrift through:-) xoxo

  4. Awww, thanks bon bon!! I have so much fun thrifting around Edinburgh.. it's such a pretty city and thrifting is always a good excuse/good motivation to walk around it.. :) xx


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