Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Weekend of eating continued... Cuckoo's Bakery

Sunday saw us at Cuckoo's Bakery @ 150 Dundas Street
Ms S & Mr J are moving to Ireland at the end of the month.. :(  I proposed a catch up, Ms S proposed "a new cupcakery" (I love that that's a word nowadays! - or at least in cazLand it is!)...
Cupcakes!?!?! Don't have to ask me twice!! Location was advised and a date and time agreed..
Below is the result....

That cuckoo clock cuckoos on the hour! Super cute.
It's a nice cuckoo, we almost missed it!
I don't like loud obnoxious cuckoos.
Not sure if you can tell in the photo, but this is actually embroidery!
It took me looking at this to realise the little opening of the clock is a CUPCAKE!
Am in LOVE with that display case!
Also, doesn't that counter make it seem like you're just chillin in someone's kitchen??!! ♥ ♥
If only someone I knew had a full espresso machine in their kitchen! 
Does anyone else want a chandelier in their house? Just because??
Because I DO!!
I had lox & bagel..
It was a smoked salmon laden weekend... but that's OK by me!!
The mister had bacon & eggs on bagel..
Ms S caved and ordered one as well...
The plates had Edinburgh landmarks on them.. AH-MAZING!
Ed Castle
Forth Bridge
Even the teapots had Ed landmarks on it!
Carlton Hill
The mister got a kilted man on his teacup.. *swoon*
They also give you a wee jug of hot water to top up your teapot!
Sitting on the cutest rubber/silicone doily! *wants* (shoulda taken a photo.. oops!)

Red Velvet
Ms S and I weren't too keen on the frosting.. it was a bit too buttery.
Mr J had no objections tho.
"Black Bottom" Cupcake
Dark choc base, cheesecake middle & cheesecake frosting! 
We had two of these at the table.. the frosting was to die for! Just the right balance of sweet & tart!
Meet 'Elvis'!
Banana, coffee... Peanut butter & choc.. I think...
This one belonged to Ms S & Mr J
Super cute sugar bowl & old school tongs. ♥
The mister's hot choc

My flat white... wasn't the best, but the coffee is from Artisan Roast which is one of my fave coffee places..
So the taste was good.. just the milk wasn't "right".... (yes I am super picky, but you would be too if you used to make coffees for a job.. and sat through an entire day of training about it.. and was spoilt by NZ's awesome coffee snobbiness)
Note the bagpiper tho! Awesome! & the heart on the saucer is a 'landmark' of sorts, it marks the location of an old toll booth on the Royal Mile. You aren't supposed to walk on it, and people spit on it to show their distain..(gross).. but apparently, people have also proposed on it due to its heart shape.. so take what you will!
Menus which change daily! ♥ ♥
And full of Ed landmarks etc.
So, there you have it!! Our eating adventures this weekend!! Hope you've enjoyed the visual journey.. maybe as much as I enjoyed the gastronomical one!! :)

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