Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A weekend of eating... in pictures! (Friday & Saturday)

Lunch: Thomson's Pub @ 182-184 Morrison St, courtesy of the BossMan!!
Bit of a "Old Man's Pub", not very many tables, lots of beers/ales on tap.. But lots of light through the windows on the street and lots of standing room.. Seriously the most AHH-MAzing pie I've had in the UK.. and I'm a Kiwi, so I know my pies! (fo realz yo! we like our pies Down Under!) 
The most amazing Pie I've eaten in the UK...
Flaky top and nice stretchy chewy pie casing... Filling was chunky steak swimming in gravy!
Topped with baked beans - never had THAT before, but not adverse to doing it again!!
Dinner: Cooked by yours truly @ home.
Steak with roast totes (potato) - drizzle with OO, salt & pepper, shake on some paprika = NOMS!
Roast carrot & parsnip - meh, have done better.. bit too much OO to start and was impatient to let it cook off in the oven.. heh!
Roast corn - maybe a bit over cooked, but the oven dried it out a lot, stick with boiling next time!

Brunner: Edinburgh Larder @ 15 Blackfriars St
We had bought coupons AGES ago for tea/coffee + a scone with butter & jam. Original idea was to brunch here, then head to Ceramic Experience to paint some ceramics with other vouchers we had bought.. but sleeping in and pottering about the house for farrrrr too long meant it was almost 2pm by the time we left the house.. we first thought to go to ceramics, but decided we were hungry and to head to Ed Larder instead.. GOOOOOD choice!!
They source their ingredients local... well, maybe not the wine in that box.. but the chips are!!

The entertainment provided by a reflective teapot!
Yea, yea, yea.. small things.. small minds.. I know..
but hey, there's nothing wrong with taking pleasure from the small things in life!!

The mister got pork pie, it came with salad and cous cous... he forgot to let me taste the first one... so he ordered a second portion... yup... no joke...

I had apple and parsnip soup & 1/2 spicy smoked salmon & parsley (?) cream cheese sandwich.. I can't remember which green herb it was.. it was yummy tho!
(Only one portion for me!)

Can't forget the scones!!
Not quiet as good as the lemon cranberry ones I made around X'mas time.. but pretty darn good!!
(You can tell because I ate this much before I remembered to take a photo! Oops!!)

It's ok tho! The mister was so busy eating his second portion of pork pie that I was done my scone by the time his came and he let me take a photo of his one before he devoured it!
(He is well learned in not eating his food until I've had a chance to photo it... better than I am, it seems!)

Ok, that is a lot of pictures and rather a large post, and Sunday involved LOTS of yumminess, so I have decided to put it in its own post... 

Hang tight for more yumminess to follow!!

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