Monday, 4 April 2011

30 Days of me - Day 19

Day 19 - Nicknames you have; why do you have them

Caz! :)

Monkey - because I love them... and fairly self explanatory if you have read this...

Cazzita, Cazzie, Cazmataz, Cazzamaphone/Cazzomophone, Spaz

(Big) Mama Caz - I am the head of a hillbillie family... I can be bossy and motherly when need-be... I'm also the person who is not afraid to tell you the one thing you don't want to hear (if you need to hear it)... tho I will also encourage and coddle you...

Doodle - Toth calls me Doodle.. from Cazadoodle...

Bitch, The bitch, Queen bitch, Miss bitch - I can be really mean when I want to be.. but seriously, you try going to an all girl private school for 8 years of your schooling career and see if your bitchiness factor doesn't increase exponentially!

The Beer Wench - A title I earned during high school/uni... :D some might find it derogatory or offensive but I accepted it as a term of endearment.. mostly when it was just me and the guys, I would often be the fetchers of beers from the fridge... this usually meant that I got out of cooking and cleaning duties later on, so I was totally ok with it... - don't feel I was bullied into this.. (refer to nickname above).. I really only do things which turn out favourable for me in the end! :D

Fatty/Stinky - My friend Jo and I refer to each other as fatty/stinker in our emails... I'm not sure when it started, how or why.. but... yea... we're pretty special..

Think that's about it!

There's so few people who call me by my proper name that sometimes I don't even answer to it coz I don't register people are talking to me! HA!
xx Caz

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