Sunday, 10 April 2011

30 Days of me - Day 25

Day 25 - What I would find in your bag

I love my bag organiser..
It makes switching bags SO much easier!
If you don't have one and are thinking about getting one.. DO it!!

So... there you go... the contents of my bag!
Belt I picked up at thrift store yesterday
Burt's Bees hand sanitiser
Rescue Remedy
Fixations Ease my Mind
Tide pen
Our tickets from Knockhill today
MAC Studio Fix in B18
Vichy blemish cover up pen
Liquid foundation/concealer
Wet wipes from Chop Chop
Scholl party feet blister plasters
Bag Hook
Neurofen Plus
Old bus tickets
USB key
Hanky for those times when there's no hand towels in the bathroom
Juli Hunter denim bag with bits & bobs - make up, Mini Liz Arden 8 hr cream, Vicks inhaler, toothpicks, mini toothpaste, more plasters, nail file, nail clippers... tweezers
Squashed & slightly melted Double Decker chocolate bar
Empty juice bottle from Knockhill today
Mini Body Shop hairbrush
iPod charger
microSD converter
Sunglasses case
Double Travelo holder with two Travelo's inside
MOR lipbalm
Make up brushes in silver tubey thing... 
Lucas' Papaw Ointment

Some days I also carry a book or my DS 
I also have a file of papers with my many coupons and bits of paper with lists etc. 

Of course my camera usually lives in there too! But I needed it to take the photo... duh!
My phone doesn't actually live IN my bag.. I have a little baggie that I attach to the outside of my bag that my phone lives in.. so I'm not having to rummage thru my bag when it rings~

My iPod and headphones also normally live in there, but I took them out because I knew we would only be going to the track, so just in and out of the car, so no need for ipod..  :)

I carry around a LOT of crap right!?!?!
Sheesh!! I even carry those Scholl plasters around when I'm not wearing heels... 

Does everyone else do this!?!?!
Carry around so much STUFF!!???
It's no wonder my back/shoulders get sore!!

xx Caz


  1. Your bag has so much stuff in it! I love that you have plasters, which here we call bandaids and neurofen which we don't even get in the states!
    My bag used to contain ever imaginable item but I've been working hard to keep things at least a bit minimized... I kicked myself the other day when I didn't have any stamps though. So I've since remedied that problem. I think I should do one of these posts! It will certainly help with the bloggers block! =)


  2. It doesn't feel like that much stuff until I pulled it all out and listed it all! :D

    It's building up my shoulder muscles!!

    I am accident prone, so I always have band aids on me... it's come in handy on more than one occasion! Not just for me, but for people around me... my friends are accident prone too!

    I think it would be super fun for girls around blogLand to post a bag post.. just to see what everyone carries around!!


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