Monday, 11 April 2011

30 Days of me - Day 26

Day 26 - What you think about your friends

I think they all live too far away!!!!  Aside from that small hiccup....

I think my friends are super fantastic... They are all and each special to me in their own way... Some have been there for me through the darkest parts of my life and some have been there to share in the happiest moments... the most special and treasured ones are those that have seen me through both...

I am so blessed to have the people I have in my life and I am truly spoilt by my friends... not only for their friendship, but all the time they have invested and care packages they have sent...

I would seriously be lost without them...  and without them, I would not be the person I am today..

They have not only shaped my memories, but also me in the process... I am so inspired by so many of them as well... to travel, to write, to create, to cook, to try new things, to see things differently.. but most of all... to be myself!
xx Caz
I am a lucky monkey lady!!

Thanks for being my friends, friends!!

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