Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Do you save the best for last??

So, as it's quiet at work today, I eagerly opened up my Google Reader (once I had cleared all my work emails of course!) to see what bloggy nomminess awaited me... I was delighted to see All items (38) sitting at the top..  Hoorah!! 38 posts to help me get thru a sluggish work day!! I had a quick scroll down to see which lovely ladies (I have yet start following a "man blog", I haven't come across too many in fact... if you have any good suggestions, I'd love to know!) had left tasty morsels for me to indulge in!

And now is when it gets technical, and I absolutely play favourites and I'm not afraid to admit it! A large number of the blogs I follow are food related.. I usually read these first.. blogs that tend to be a bit technical I will read first.. usually saving ones that are slightly more "personal" and whimsical until the end.. things like Smitten Kitchen (trying to sneak a peak of any photos of her adorable kid!) and Pioneer Woman (waiting to read about things that make her skirt fly up!) fall into the latter category.. I will tag any recipes I would like to try, and star any that really take my fancy.. and forward anything on to Ms K if I think she would be interested and if I don't think she follows that blog already...

Then I make my way through the fashiony/style blogs to sneak a peak at what people far more stylish than me are wearing! Inspiring! Each and every one!!

Last, but most certainly not least.. I get to the life/lifestyle/general blogs, which are by far my favourite.. maybe because it is what I want my blog to be... maybe because there is a slight voyeur in all of us and I love catching someone else's "slice of life".... but most of all, these are the blogs that usually make me laugh or smile and just generally brighten my day!

And I'm always super excited to see new posts by some certain someone's... you can't ask me who, coz that would be telling....  :D

I wish I could say I love all blogs equally but that would be a big fat lie!!

Is there an order you like to read blogs in?? Are there some you savour for last?? Are there certain blogs that delight you to see they have new posts?? I'm always open to recommendations!!

xx Caz


  1. I never thought of ordering the blogs I read, that sure would make my life easier since I've subscribed to about a million of them! Lately it's all I can do to catch up on blogging, reading blogs, and responding to comments. I think having a real job would kill me! I don't know how you manage! =)


  2. Some days are harder than others.. quiet days at work are great for catching up on blog reading/commenting/posting.. :)

    I try not to subscribe to too many blogs so I don't end up feeling swamped... I want blogging to remain something fun, rather than something that ends up feeling like a chore!


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