Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Would it be insane to go to Baltimore...

Just so I can order a cake from Charm City Cakes???!!!!???? Of Ace of Cakes Fame!

And would it be just a little too crazy to spend US$250 on said cake??!!!

They have just released a new line called Cakes for Two (C42)... for those of us who don't necessarily have an event to plan and the US$1000 minimum to spend on a custom cake...  tho at $250 a pop... it's not exactly easy on the pocket! Even for a cake that feeds 15... that's more than a tenner a head.. for CAKE... GAH!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Ace of Cakes... They just look like they have so much fun!! I would love a chance to go visit the shop (to pick up my $250 cake... eep!)...

This is the cake I think I would get if only I could bring myself to spend that much money on a cake...
specially if I was going to make Mr J detour all the way to Baltimore to get it!! HAHAHAHAHAHA...

I would actually really like this cake....
if only it said MONKEY CHOW!!!

Anyways... for all you lovers of Aces of Cakes!! 
pssst.. they are opening one in LA!!

If you don't already love this show... why not!?!?!

xx Caz


  1. Meow chow!!! I wonder if it's tuna flavored for kitties or chocolate/vanilla for people? Either way it looks like an expensive treasure! I wish I could make pretty cakes, but alas I'm much better at making comforting/yummy food than attractive food!


  2. I would hope it's flavoured for people! That's an expensive kitteh treat!! :D

    My food is rarely attractive.. but I think it's more important that it tastes good!!

    As my uncle says "it all looks the same at the other end"... gross... but true! :D


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