Friday, 8 April 2011

Fillin in the Blanks on a Friday...

As always {via} the little things we do..

1.   Something that makes me a great friend is,       in Lauren's words "an investor"..  I will call and text and try to make time to see you... even tho sometimes I feel like maybe you don't want to be friends with me because you never text me... but I'll still text you anyways...   .

2.  I am    going through a major shoe fetish phase at the moment.. I can't buy enough shoes... don't get me wrong.. I've always had a shoe obssession.. but I go through phases where I just don't see any I like.. but I love every second pair of shoes I see right now... NOT good..  .

3.  I am not     good at getting up in the morning... probably something to do with not being good at going to bed at night...  .

4.  If I had to describe myself in 3 words, they would be     loud (my friends often tell me they hear me before they see me... I don't doubt it)... loyal.. pottymouth (I am getting better at not swearing.. but if I get annoyed or angry.. I "swear like a sailor" as they say)  .

5.  Something I'm really cheap about is     everything and nothing... clothes that I know I will trash.. I will scrimp where I can, but if I see something I really like, I will splurge if I can afford to (and sometimes when I can't.. eeep Visa!) probably wardrobe "staples" like plain tees and tanks I will cheap on coz I know I will wear em to death and trash em.. or anything really "trendy" that I know I won't wear past that season.. oh sunglasses! because I ALWAYS lose my expensive sunnies.. ie. 3-4 pairs of Oakleys & a pair of old skool Moschinos that were my mums.. :( but my £1 aviators from Primark?? had them for years, but never lost em! yea.. you figure it out..   .

6.  Something I'm willing to splurge on is      things that will carry me through the years ie.  good wool coats... or recently.. anything that seems to take my fancy... GAH!!   .

7.  I would trade       all my dirty laundry (and maybe some of my clean clothes too..)       for       an unlimited travel budget   in a heartbeat. 

xx Caz


  1. I agree with what you're "cheap" about: especially sunglasses! Every year I buy a new pair or two, of cheap sunglasses that I can toss in my bag, in my car, etc. I've always wanted a pair of Ray Bans, but I know I would lose them or break them within days! xoxo

  2. I really really wish I would stop losing my "nice" sunnies... it really sux.. I can't bring myself to tell my mum I lost her old sunnies... she's gona be so mad.. :[

    I love cheap sunnies, coz I don't care if I just throw them in my bag without a case etc. I used to always keep a spare pair in my car too..

    Alas... only cheap sunnies for this lady!!

    Thanks for stopping by!! xx

  3. I like to keep one pair of nice glasses and one (or 4, or 10) pairs of junky ones. The cheap ones live in purses, go on bike rides, get lost under the seat of the car.... etc. The one nice pair I've managed to keep track of for 5 years now! I'm so proud of myself! Haha!
    Oh and I love that you'd trade dirty laundry for travel! Sneaky sneaky! =)


  4. I would trade a lot of things for travel! But the mound of dirty laundry came to mind first! :)

    I do have some nice sunglasses.. but they are safely kept at my ma's! I'll just stick with junky ones for the meantime.. It also means I can change through lots of different "looks".. :)


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