Sunday, 15 May 2011

Apple & Honey Marinaded Chicken

This is yet another recipe which has been in my repertoire since some stage at uni... I'm pretty sure I came up with the idea because I had nothing else to cook my chicken in...and I always had apples lying around.. so hence, a signature dish was born!!

What you need:
Chicken - I prefer drumsticks but whatever you have/prefer is ok too..
Apples - whatever you have lying around will do... (a good way to use up apples that are bit past their best by)
Brown sugar
Salt & Pepper
Touch of oil

What to do:
Make like you're making applesauce, but leave it chunky... and dial back the brown sugar as you'll be adding honey to the chicken...

Lay your drumsticks in an oven proof dish... bit of salt n pepper n drizzle a bit of oil on them...
Throw some honey on there as well.. (I had some leftover applesauce I needed to use up, so I threw that on there too)
Spoon the chunky apples over top of the chicken... (let the apples cool if you plan to marinade overnight, use the apples hot if you are cooking straight away)

If you have time, then cover all this with foil and put in the fridge overnight to marinade... give the drumsticks a turn at the halfway point if you want....
If you don't have time.. just cover with foil and throw it in the oven!
I usually go with 180C for about 30-45mins... but check on it, and if you cut a slit and the juices run clear... you're ready to go!

I served mine over some rice and blanched broccoli and carrots (chunky apples and all!).. - gotta eat your veges to avoid scurvy!!

If you are a bit adverse to chunky apples on your chicken, you can always blend the applesauce and make it smooth.. Or if you don't have any apples around.. store bought apple sauce works too... but homemade's always so much better isn't it!?!?!

If you haven't thought to put apples on your chicken... give it a twirl!! You might just like it!!

I've made this for lots of people and it's always a success.. it's so easy and one of my signature dishes.. my Canadian wifey still asks for this dish from our days together in Whistler!! ; )

Happy Eating!! 

xx CazHope you've all had a great weekend!!


  1. That sounds so yummy! I love apple sauce on just about anything! Since I'm married to a man who likes to buy apples in bulk and then promptly forget about them recipes that can use sad old apples are especially appreciated! Perhaps we'll do this soon, I'll definitely let you know! =)

  2. I'd be keen to hear how you get on if you try it!!

    If you're not into something sweet, then trade the honey for some soy sauce and it's still nommy!!

    We always have apples leftover from the fruit basket at work, so I usually squirrel them home to make nomminess out of them!!

    You can always make and freeze applesauce with your sad old apples! :)


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