Sunday, 15 May 2011

Wishlist: Boden Rainyday Duffle in Blue Peony

Here is recreating my post which got lost in the blogger debacle... thanks to my friend Dre who salvaged it from his google reader... I've also started following my own blog as google reader seem to hold onto the posts that either get lost or even deleted off blogs... So if you're now a little paranoid or just want to have a record of all your posts.. follow yourself in google reader! :)



I think I'm a bit in love with this coat... it's so bright and happy!! 
But at a whopping £95.. eep!! (rather out of my budget!)
I actually am in desperate need for a Spring jacket..
I have a few winter coats and hoodies or fleece and a couple of waterproof ski outers
But nothing for Spring/Fall (Autumn)

I'm not sure when I started referring to Autumn as Fall.. or even if I do indeed say Fall instead of Autumn when I talk... it's definitely something that happened when I lived in Canada..

Anywho, I've been trying to find a trenchy/mac coat for Spring.. but this one is fab!
Although I did spot some Burberry Macs in the vintage store for £45-£55 which is pretty damn good value if you ask me!!

What do you think??


Added side note: I went to the Vintage store on Friday to try on some of the Burberry coats and they are ALL MASSIVE... :(

Mrs Biscuit - blogger lost your comment too.. :(
xx Caz


  1. Ooh, I think that Boden coat is adorable... Not worth the money, but CUTE anyway!! A burberry one would be awesome, and for half the cost it's hard to say no, right? Good luck with your coat searching adventure!

  2. Thanks Missus! I shall need it for sure!!

    I'm gona check out the vintage store next week and try some on and see how they fit.. but classic Burberry trench for 50pound!?! Ah-mah-zing!



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