Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Well, I have been rather slack with my blog posting recently, due to many long weekends with which I lazed around the house and accomplished as little as humanly possible while still maintaining some meagre form of existence... 

So here is a post about a weekend a while back when the mister and I went to paint ceramics~
I bought vouchers from one of the many sites I'm signed up to.. I think itison or LivingSocial provided this fun afternoon out... and we had meant to go for many weekends but for some reason or other managed to not get round to it... (mostly due to the fact that we usually sleep in till past midday on weekends, then by the time I've made us brunch and we've pottered about the house, it's about 3pm by the time we're "ready" to go anywhere... hmmmm..)

Here is the mister working on his projects

My workstation...
Notice I even put a little skull and crossbone on the bottom of my mug! ; )
Yours truly, concentrating...
Bracelet by my friend Ducky over at Duck and Cover Designs
As part of the voucher, we also got a tea/coffee and a cupcake!

My outfit de jour
 Coat & Skirt: Old Navy, Shirt & Sunnies: H&M, Leggings: ? 
Watch: Adidas (bought with a groupon to help Red Nose Day)
Bag: George by ASDA £2 (hoorah clearance sections!), Shoes: Miss KG at Debenhams

Here are my finished products!!
Mustache mug.. hehe
Bird of Paradise Oil/Dressing jug.. 

Reversible tashe mug!! :D

Oops, I forgot to photo the mister's finished products.. but mine were cooler and far cuter than his!! ; )
I know I had a super fun day.. and I think the mister did too... (aside from the loads of screaming children at a b'day party.. eep!)  

xx CazSo, if you're stuck for ideas of things to do.. why not look up if there is somewhere to go and paint ceramics?? It's a fun way to spend a few hours and you get something to show (off) at the end! (Well, probably a week later when you have time to go pick up your projects after they've had a good bake in the kiln).  I'm rather proud of my efforts!! What do you think??


  1. We painted ceramics when I was a little kid and I haven't been back to do it in goodness knows how many years... It looks like you guys had so much fun! I love the picture of your concentration! Haha!
    Oh, and the skull and bones on the bottom of your mug ROCKS! I <3 it! <3

  2. Very cute! I love painting ceramics, haven't done it in a while, though! Seeing this makes me want to go do it again. :)

  3. Mrs B, it was totally fun!! You and Mr Muffin should go and you could paint your kitties!! ; )

    Leanna - you should! I love that you get something to keep at the end!! I hadn't been since... school! :D


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