Monday, 16 May 2011

Maxi Mania

I fear I may have developed a slight addiction to maxi dresses...

I already have the French Connection Meadow Maxi Dress in black as well as ruby...

As well as a cheapie from Internationale.. which I picked up for £5 in clearance... also a feather patterened one from George (from ASDA)

Had an email from today saying they are offering 20% off all their dresses... and the ones I looked at are:
Traffic People's Flaming Flamingo Maxi
Traffic People's The Follie Maxi
Ringspun's Mystique Sleeveless Dress
All photos from
I also found this dress when I was looking for a picture of maxis I already have..
French Connection Maxi Cowl Neck Dress @
Luckily (?) it's sold out, other I'd be very tempted to buy it!!
Hmm... now if only the weather would get warmer and stay sunny... I might have a decent excuse to buy some more maxis!! I can totally see myself living in them come summer... 

Last summer I pretty much lived in my printed "gypsy" skirt.. which I either wore as a skirt with a t shirt or tank.. or pulled up as a dress... google "Folio SK165 hippy skirt" and you'll be along the right lines... (I can't open the page at work as it has been blocked due to "provocative attire")...

xx CazWhat are your thoughts?? Do you have a summer staple??


  1. all of these dresses are so pretty! I need to get myself some more maxi dresses... i've only got 2 right now and they are both navy blue. haha
    I really love that last orange one!

  2. I don't have a navy blue maxi yet.. :)

    I would love to have that orange one.. it's such a pretty colour.. but I can't find anyone who still has stock.. might have to trawl the FC store in town and see if there's one on a sale rack somewhere!!


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