Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pork Noodle Soup

This is a dish well cemented in our weekly rotation.. it's super quick and an absolute doddle.. also helps that it makes enough for lunch the next day and that always gets a thumbs up in my books!

What you'll need:
Some pork - we usually use loin steaks - chicken breast would work too...
Some veges - today's edition includes an onion, shiitake mushrooms, broccoli & carrots.. (other days, it comes as bags of precut n packaged stir fry veges from the supermarket which usually include the above as well as bean sprouts and some chopped pak choi and sometimes mini corn) but the world is seriously your oyster when it comes to veg.. put in what you like.. and leave out what you don't! Simples!
Some soy sauce - I use light
Some sesame oil - normal oil works just as well, I just like the extra yummy smell of sesame oil..
Some stock - in the form or liquid or enough cubes to make about 1L - I prefer vege but if you have chicken that's ok too... (can you get pork stock?? I've never seen it..)
Some noodles - tonight's edition uses leftover rice noodles which came in a bag from the supermarket.. other nights it is egg noodles, either fresh from the supermarket or in dried form from the Asian supermarket..
Salt, Pepper, Chilli powder (if you like it hot!)

What to do:
Dice the pork - or if you have a strange aversion to touching raw meat, then get the mister to do it for you..

 Chop your veges - seriously, if you do this step first, it'll save you hassle later...

 Heat some (sesame) oil in a wok

Throw in your onions

Once your onions have gone a bit translucent, throw in your pork - give it all a good stir! If you can make some pork or onion jump out of the wok, that's ok too... throw in some salt and pepper at this stage as well... 

Once your pork's a bit brown - you don't want to over cook it, coz it's going to keep cooking as you go..
Throw in your veges... no preferential treatment, just dump it all in there.. and give it a good stir

You can either make up the stock from stock cubes, or just throw the stock cubes in and add water - I use boiling water from the jug/kettle - so things aren't cooking for too long in the wok

Once the water's come to the boil.. give the soup a wee taste & add soy sauce as appropriate to your own taste.. I don't put in too much because I like the freshness and lightness of just the vege stock and the veges and pork will already add flavour to your soup... now is also the time to add some chilli powder if you're that way inclined...

Grab your noodles...

Throw your noodles in a big bowl, before the mister got his own "azn soup bowl" he used to eat his out of a fruit bowl/serving dish... then just ladle in your pork/vege/soupy goodness and away you go!!

I love that this soup is meaty and has oomph enough for dinner but doesn't sit heavy in your stomach.. you're not using a lot of oil so it's not greasy either.. and you can seriously be sitting down to dinner in less than 30mins from start to finish! (Especially if you're using preprepared veg from the supermarket!)

And best thing is?? You only have to use one wok!! (Ok, and maybe another pot if you're cooking noodles from dried..) Clean up is super easy anyways!  If you don't want to do noodles, you can skip that part and just have the soup as well...
xx Caz
Happy Eating!!

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