Thursday, 5 May 2011



This is me today.. seriously... I am severely lacking motivation to do anything... I went to bed super late last night and I had "an argument" with my stomach this morning, I wasn't going to come to work but thought I was probably just being a big baby so decided to come in anyways... thankfully my tummy seems ok.. but I am feeling so tired and just blah.. I have loads of stuff to get done but just can't bring myself to do it (hence I'm here instead... *sigh*)

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster evening... I had done so well with charity shopping at lunch time & I was feeling rather proud coz I even remembered to drop off my film to get processed... I was chillaxn at home and at 6.55pm my phone rings... it's a girl at the spa asking if I'm still making my appointment (which started at 6.45pm)... ARGHHHHHH!!! I totally spaced and thought it was next week... apparently not... and because it was a voucher the mister got me, they said the voucher is now void (understandable, most spa's have a 24hr cancellation policty) but I was feeling majorly bummed... I found my voucher and after a quick read, decided to call them back and see if I could just come for the 2nd part of it... - the voucher was for a 30mins choc back experience & a 25min facial... they said if I could get there within 10/15mins I could still have the facial.. so I quickly threw a bra on under my maxi dress & started hoofing it, luckily I saw a cab pretty quick, flagged it down and jumped in.. (there are bonuses to living fairly close to a main road!).. needless to say my facial was less serene and relaxing and more me trying to calm down after rushing around like a banshee... I felt like the technician rushed through it a bit as well (I saw her downstairs afterwards, leaving to go home)... but all in all.. I guess at least it wasn't a total loss... 

The mister had booked a car (more about that in another post!) to come and collect me with the idea that we'd head out somewhere for dinner and enjoy the lovely weather.. I decided I didn't want to go to South Queensferry because that is where we ALWAYS go... and although it's lovely and I enjoy it a lot, it seems redundant going to the same place all the time...  so we embarked on a mini roady to find a new destination... and although we saw lots of quaint and cute little towns and quite a lot of coastal scenery which was very pretty... we came up empty on finding somewhere to eat... EPIC FAIL! 

In the end, we ended up driving all the way back to Edinburgh and getting take out to eat at home... 

Here is a map so you can see where we went... (you may need to zoom out)

Yup! We drove in a big GIANT loop!! 
Oh well... it's a few more places ticked off the list I guess!

Here's hoping your last 24 hours has gone a lot better than mine!! 
xx CazAt least tomorrow's Friday and it'll be the weekend again soon... 

My phone's going crazy.. so either someone I know's Fb has been hacked
or my Fb has been hacked... happy days... HUMBUG!

Is it home time yet??  

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