Wednesday, 11 May 2011

You wore WHAT to work??!! #2

Well, my first "You wore WHAT to work?!?!" is my most read post on my blog so far... topping out at a whopping 57 views! So I thought I'd do another one.. because.. well.. why not?? Keep in mind I wear these things with the main purpose of (trying to) amuse my boss... as opposed to, so I can do these funny posts about inappropriate work attire... (although this could be a big motivator from now on!)

This past Friday's casual Friday outfit looked a bit like..
Yes folks, that's correct.. I sported yet another threadless t shirt to work..
This shirt to be exact... 
('scuse the mess in the background! - I wore shoes when I was at work.. for the most part.. :D )

boss: what's that on your shirt today?
me: *turn to show him*
boss: haha, I just now realised what the cloud is
me: some days this one *points at seated teddy* is X...
boss: you mean most days!?
me: hehehe
boss: actually that's probably me! huh?

I didn't have to heart to tell him he is much more bearable than X most days!
For a start he lets me use him as a punching bag... muaahahahaha...
He brought it upon himself for pointing out how big his guns were one day... 
I will also randomly shoulder barge him at will... mostly because he insists on standing in the middle of where I'm trying to walk... he really brings it upon himself! ; )

Bracelet from a market in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ring, custom made by Pie
Shellac purple nails from Conetta & Co. (via voucher)

xx Caz


  1. cute!

    i work from home so i get to wear whatever i like =) so i know how nice it is to not have to dress a certain way everyday!

  2. thanks eleise!

    I would love to work from home, tho not sure how much work I'd get done! I'm far too easily distracted! It's nice to get a chance to dress down at work.. always fairly interesting to see the bosses in casual gear too.. :)


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