Thursday, 12 May 2011

Necklace Display DIY~

If you are anything like me... Out of Sight = Out of Mind 
Which meant I have a bunch of necklaces which I never remembered to wear because they sat in a tackle box in a dresser drawer...
Doesn't help that we rent and I can't just put holes in the walls willy nilly...

Alas, I found an old cork board in one of the storage cupboards, so decided to DIY a necklace display..
I found some pretty wrapping paper at The Works (it's like a cheap stationary/souvenir store)
I also bought some spray glue & a paper trimmer...

I trimmed the paper to size (bit harder than anticipated because my cork board was a bit wonky and didn't have straight edges!?!)

I sprayed the back of the paper with glue as well as the cork board...

Stuck the two together, using a ruler to ease out any air bubbles & keep the paper flat..

Left it to dry overnight...

Stuck some pins in it, hung my necklaces on it...

Et voila!
You'll see I also pinned a brooch on it..

I then decided that the iron leafy thing would make a good place to store my spare glasses..
(the middle pair belongs to the mister, he never wants to miss out on the fun! ;] )
Not really sure if it's supposed to have any other purpose other than decoration...
(it belongs to the mister..) but I think storing my glasses on it is fairly handy!!

So if you're renting and can't afford to put holes in the walls, 
then find creative ways to make do with what you got!
(Or at least put a minimal amount of holes in the walls!)
xx Caz

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