Sunday, 5 June 2011

I Crackle~ Do you Crackle?

So I'm not sure when crackle polish became trendy... I can't say I've noticed it on people.. but Pie said he'd had fun with crackle... and after deciding I didn't really like the colour of "mellow yellow" against my skin (not all trends are appropriate for all skin tones/body types etc!), I thought crackle might be a fun way to jazz it up a little...

Here's what I used:~
Boot's No7 top coat (I had a £5 off voucher), Claire's black crackle polish (I hadn't seen any at the other stores, and this was £4, so not too expensive if I decided I didn't like the effect), essence colour & go "mellow yellow" (€1.29 from some random store in Cork, good reminder of why I don't buy/like "quick dry" polish..)..

Here's the results:~
I dunno why my hands look like blown up silicon gloves! (just ignore that part would ya?)
So you can see that my right hand seemed to crackle more than my left hand... I used a drier brush on my left hand so it looked kinda streaky when it went on... I used a wetter brush on my right hand, so it looked more like a full coat of black when it was wet...  I think I prefer the left hand better because the right hand looks really gappy...  
I think I want to try it with a brighter base colour next time... like fluro orange or green!! :) 

I'm not sure I'd bother with the white crackle coz I think it would look like you have chipped nails... tho I'm interested about the silver they had as well, but... the jury's still out on whether I want to spend another £4 to satiate my curiosity...

On a completely unrelated side note... I found a "smoothie 2go" container at the charity store on Friday.. and it was only 99p!! Perfection!! I was planning to start drinking smoothies again for breakfast...
I improvised with a coffee cup on Friday.. but the smoothie to go cup has just that extra bit of volume and a lock down lid to prevent any smoothie sneaking out! I love that it has a handle!

These are what I used to transport my smoothies in when I lived in Canada... I used to just cut a little "x" in the top and stick straws through...  

600ml of smoothie goodness & bus friendly!
My bus driver did ask me if I was drinking yoghurt for breakfast tho! :D

xx CazHope you're having a great weekend!!


  1. Good info on crackling!! Looks a striking result, but I'm thinking a woman of my age might not want to look so edgy hand-wise?! Looks fun though, as does your smoothie! Kx

  2. Bah! "woman of my age".. rubbish! You are far more trendy than I am!! I'm sure you could crackle with the best of 'em!! x


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