Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Jog Scotland 5k Challenge - Inverleith Park & Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

The Jog Scotland Mascot!
SUPER cute!! :) 
(whoever was inside must have been melting in the heat tho!)

So as I mentioned in my previous posts we took part in the Jog Scotland 5k last night as part of our work Summer Party... yea.. they really make you work for it at my work eh??!!
It was a sunny and warm evening which was a welcome change from the rain we had over the weekend and on Monday, the course was quite picturesque as it looped through part of the Botanic Gardens then down around the pond at Inverleith Park..

I decided to try and run/jog as much as I comfortably could, I walk about 3k home after work most nights, so the distance seemed a bit daunting.. in so much as it was like a walk home and then almost all the way back to work again.. I wasn't worried about it as I often do full days of walking when I'm travelling, but it's just the thought of it being a "competition".. and not being able to stop and take a break! I took part in the Times Colonist 10k in Victoria, BC - also because of work.. (are you sensing a trend here?) but I walked most of it and it took me I think around about 2 hours to finish it.

One thing you need to understand (so you don't think I'm a big baby/drama queen!) is that I actually physically can't run very well... I have very flat feet, which results in me rolling my ankles and also my knees.. which has altered my gait over the years to the point where my knees don't track properly in the joint.. I have orthotic insoles from podiatrists, exercises from physios and all sorts.. I'm not just making this up! So running is not something I do often, or for enjoyment or even for fitness because it just causes PAIN! And not in the good way like after a hard workout...

Anyways.. here's some photos from the evening..
These photos were taken as I approached the finish line..
Team Photo Before

Running under a hedge "doorway".. Not sure if you can tell but after the doorway is like a tunnel made from bamboo plants where it  was nice and shady.. Very pretty!

By this stage of the race I had no idea if that 3k marker meant I had completed 3k or if I still had 3k to go... it really wasn't very reassuring either way!!!
The Scotty Dog greets you at the finish line.. 
I gave him a High 5 (yea, I'm cool like that)
YEAY!! You get a medal for taking part/finishing!!

Team Photo After
Noone looking too much worse for wear! Everyone still smiling! ; )

My time in case you were wondering was 38mins 15sec
Not exactly a world record but I'm pretty chuffed!!
xx Caz

ps. The random pictures on people's shirts are just to cover up numbers & logos.. in case you were thinking I'm a total weirdo that just puts random pictures on my photos!! :D


  1. YAY YOU!!! I've never in my life participated in any formal race-type-thing. I've been busting my booty at the gym lately, but I still don't think I'd be in good enough shape unless I was on my bike-- and everyone else was walking, haha! ;)

    Oh and that medal is awesome!

    <3 <3 <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. Thanks Biscuit!

    I woulda much preferred to do it on a bike!! I miss my racing days!! I really didn't have a choice in the matter.. but it was still fun.. :)

    The medal is pretty funny.. :) I think I've only ever won one other medal in my life and I have no idea where it is!! HAHAHA


  3. You're a good sport for running it at all. We have one in the spring at my new job, and I didn't even participate this past year! I'll be training for next time, though!

  4. Well, you can always walk it! We're only a small office and everyone else was participating so I woulda been given lots of schtick if I didn't enter!! (AND I'm the youngest one there!! :] )

  5. way to go!! i won't be doing that anytime soon! haha.


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