Tuesday, 21 June 2011

More Than You Need To Know...

To cheer myself up from the wet & rainy day which is our first day of Summer...  and as a little treat for a super busy morning at work.. I thought I would fill out a meme which I saw over at Amyschmamey...

name: Caz
birthday: Jan 11
sign: Capricorn
favorite food: 

favorite drink: Bubble tea..
favorite color: Teal/Aqua/Turquoise - greeny blue or bluey green..
favorite song this week: Erm.. I heard Airplanes on the radio and it reminded me how much I like that song... otherwise, probably Adele's Someone Like You.. 
favorite outfit: Jeans + t shirt or tank top, tho I'm trying to not wear jeans so much.. 
hobbies: Photography, sewing, fb gaming..  
guilty pleasures: Ninja Warrior - I don't know if that counts.. I'm not ashamed to admit I like it.. maybe Dating in the Dark.. haha.. that show is kinda hilarious...
last dream you remember: I don't really remember my dreams...
what comes to mind when i say cabbage: Sauerkraut
have you ever met a celebrity: Define "met"
favorite (new) blog: I've only recently discovered Keiko Lynn - does that count?
secret celebrity crush: I seriously don't watch enough movies to develop celebrity crushes.. secret or otherwise... 
favorite gadget: My blender, it makes my smoothies in the morning.. YUM!!
three things you can't live without: Fundamentally - food, drink & shelter?? Creature comforts - laptop, camera, Lucas pawpaw Ointment.. 
favorite harry potter character: Pass.. I have never read or watched any Harry Potter, nor do I have any desire to.. 
play any instruments: I've had piano, guitar, viola, flute & drum lessons.. I wouldn't necessarily say I "play" any of them tho... 
best book you've ever read: Time Traveller's Wife - I dunno if it's the BEST book I've EVER read.. but it's definitely one of my favourites... 
favorite quotation: I'm hard at work being idle - Oscar Wilde
favorite rainy day activity: Reading.. watching tv.. baking.. anything that does not involve leaving the house is ok by me.. 
what do you do when you're stressed: I get mad insomnia..
favorite time of the year: Tough call.. I love the heat and sun of Summer (HA! bit of a joke living in Edinburgh).. but I love being able to go play in the snow in Winter (HA! bit of a joke living in Scotland)... I really should rethink this choice of living location...
tattoos: Yes

favorite animal: Monkeys! or dolphins.. 
crunchy or smooth peanut butter: I used to like smooth, now I like crunchy.. but I'd still eat smooth if there isn't any crunchy.. I love pb... 
foreign countries you've visited: How long have you got? And how do you define "foreign"?
favorite candy: Gummies... I like just about all gummies.. maybe sour coke bottles if I had to pick one...
cake or pie: Depends on what's in them and what my mood is... Key Lime or Apple Pies win over cake.. but molten chocolate cake would win over pumpkin or cherry pie... 
favorite holiday: All of them! Maybe Chinese New Year - but only if I'm in Asia... 
favorite flower: Bird of Paradise. Hands down.

xx Caz


  1. Molten chocolate cake is my absolute favorite! The mister loathes hot desserts (because he's weird like that) so I only even get the cheap ones at the grocery store... or if we go out somewhere I always order it! Ha! Yummy chocolate for me!!!

  2. Did you ever get the ones from Tesco? They are single serve molten choc cakes that you put in the microwave!! I don't really like using the microwave.. but those desserts are super yummy!!

    Hot desserts are the best in winter tho!! yummy apple pie/crumble with warm custard... mmmmmmmmmm...


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