Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Places I Have Been

So, while I was filling out the meme today, there was a question asking which "foreign countries" I have been to... now, I dunno how one defines "foreign".. but with the help of a couple of fb apps.. I am able to tell/show you the places I've been... ready??!!

If you want to see a map of the countries I've been to... click here... I've chosen the option where it breaks it down to individual states/provinces rather than just USA, Canada and Australia...

For a much more detailed list including cities/towns....

- I'm sure there are ones in Europe I've missed out... but whatevs...  I am hoping to pin a LOT more places this Summer when Jonny and I drive thru some of the US of Eh!!
xx Caz
So there you have it kids... the places I have been!!


  1. I can't believe there are still gaps on here!

  2. HAHAHAHA... there are MASSES of gaps on there!!! :)

  3. That's an impressive list! That covers five continents! I've only been to two continents, hehe!

  4. Thanks Katie! I think I've been to all the continents except the Arctic! Tho does Iceland count as the Arctic?!

  5. Yeah, I think so! It's pretty arcticy there! ;) That's so cool, you are my travelin' role model! I bet your passport looks super cool :)

  6. Then I've hit every one! YEAY!!

    Which two continents have you been to?

    My passport looks like a jumbled mess because it seems passport control like to find the page with the least bit of space and stamp there instead of on a brand new blank page!! It's ridiculous!! Maybe next time I should post it flag where I'd like them to stamp!! :D


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