Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mug Brownie

The first time I had this was when I was visiting Ms S in Melbourne (many YEARS ago).. we were doing our usual lounging around after dinner and she asked if I wanted Mug Brownie.. I was like.. what the EFF is MUG BROWNIE??  She looked at me like I was mental coz I didn't know what she was talking about.. (maybe also because the name is rather indicative of what it is..) She proceeded to whip up two of these amazing little concoctions and I was smitten...

I remember asking her for the recipe (not so many but still years ago).. I'm pretty sure I wowed some dinner guests with it.. then kinda proceeded to forget about its existence until the other day when another Ms S mentioned she'd "baked" a cake in her microwave... her mister attested to its tastiness and she is a keen baker (using an oven) and cook, so I don't doubt its yumminess.. but it DID remind me of the mug brownie... I did a quick search of my emails to see if I had Ms S's recipe.. but alas.. no luck.. then I thought, surely the tinternet would supply me with one!! I was not disappointed!!

This is the recipe which is on most websites:

    2 T Vegetable oil 
    2T Water 
    1/4 tsp. Vanilla extract 
    dash salt 
    2T Unsweetened cocoa powder 
    4T Granulated sugar 
    4T Flour

      I also found this recipe and adapted my brownies according to people's comments and tweaked it a bit..

      Caz's Mug Brownies:

      1T Vegetable oil - I would have used applesauce but I didn't have any..
      3T Water
      1/4 t Vanilla extract
      dash salt
      2T cocoa powder
      2T Granulated sugar
      2T flour

      The websites say combine wet ingredients, then add cocoa powder, then sugar, then flour, but I just dumped everything in the mug and gave it all a good mix with a fork...

      We had some mini marshmallows which the mister brought home from somewhere.. apparently the girlfriend or one of his co-workers works at a coffee shop and they were getting rid of them? *shrug* - anyways, I threw a few on top for good measure...

      We have a 800W microwave and I zapped mine for 60 secs. and they were pretty good.. still a teeeny bit wet at the bottom, so maybe a bit longer woulda been ok.. depends how you like your brownie I guess!!

      xx Caz


      1. Of course you just had to post this a day after I got rid of my microwave!!!

        Seriously we threw the thing in our storage closet (long story, we have a built in one that doesn't work and then we had a giant one taking up all of our counter space) and I said good riddance little microwave.... We hadn't used the thing in over a month and now I just might have to pull it out to give these a try! ;)


      2. guess what I'm making for breakfast...

      3. Helen - really?? mug brownie for breakfast!?! you're my hero!! :D

        Mrs B - :D I'm totally the master of timing like that!! I hope you do try it out.. even if it means getting the microwave out again.. :D Happy brownie eating!!

      4. This looks delicious! I just had to tell you that I was cracking up when you said "tree trunks" on my blog, because that is the exact term used to describe them. From now on, I'll just remind myself that they are like that to keep me "grounded" and thankful. Thanks for the idea! And let's change together and be proud of the way we were made. : ) I think we can do it.

      5. Ummm....going home to make this ASAP! YUM!

      6. monster cakes - thanks for stopping by! I totally think we can do it!!

        Anna - did you make it?? how did it turn out??

      7. That is unbelievable! I can't believe that all this time there could have been a brownie in front of me in literally 60 seconds. You are like an amazing brownie scientist! :)

      8. Katie - I hope you tried it out!! I can't take credit for the idea, but I think my take on it is pretty dang good!! :)


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