Friday, 24 June 2011

An ode to my "tree trunks"

So yesterday as I was going about my normal blog reading business when I came across this fabulous post over at monster cakes... (let it be known that I think she's pretty fantastic AND she loves Gilmore Girls AND she rocks the coolest pixie cut - tho she's growing it out at the mo but still looks fab! - and in my books, you don't really get much more awesome than that!)  Anywhoooos... (I'm going to stop before I sound like a TOTAL stalker.. oh too late?? nevermind... )

Moving right along!

I then left this message for her:

"I love this post! (I love all your posts.. to be fair.. ) but this one rings very true to me!

I've always had ginormous thighs and big calves.. (it's a nightmare trying to buy boots.. coz they just WILL NOT zip up... and ones without zips.. well.. let's just not talk about that ok?) but you are so right that they are such a blessing.. they have taken me on many adventures.. climbed boulders, rocks, Middle Eastern ruins.. they've allowed me to flail around on tree branches in the name of "climbing"... and I am going to follow your lead and cherish my legs for the tree trunks that they are.. keeping me firmly grounded.. (and it hurts more when you kick someone! HA! - HA! to all those wi
th skinny beanpole legs that pack no punch!)"

Sorry if that last bit makes no sense.. the sense I'm trying to convey is people with tree trunks for legs do a lot more damage when they kick someone something than people who have skinny beanpole legs.. and if you are one of those with skinny beanpole legs... - well your consolation is that you can pull of skinny jeans with a lot more finesse and if that's not enough.. well TOUGH titties!! =p

She then left this message for me:

"I just had to tell you that I was cracking up when you said "tree trunks" on my blog, because that is the exact term used to describe them. From now on, I'll just remind myself that they are like that to keep me "grounded" and thankful. Thanks for the idea! And let's change together and be proud of the way we were made. : ) I think we can do it."

I think we can too!

I wanted to share this exchange with you all because I think we all have hang ups about our bodies.. big or small (hang ups.. tho I guess bodies as well)... and I think as long as we are healthy and our weight and size is not impacting on our health then we should feel blessed that we the majority of us are able bodied and our limbs function to the best of their abilities.. sure I'd like my thighs to be a bit smaller and my tummy a bit flatter, and one of my goals is still to exercise more and lose a bit of weight but on the other hand.. I also want to try and remember to be thankful...  
xx Caz

ps. tree pose is one of my favourites in yoga.. maybe it's because I have trunks for legs!! :)

Philosophical monkey, out~


  1. Awww during my childhood years I used to get teased for my "logs". I always felt so insecure especially when we had to wear shorts for P.E. I was miserable. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for these logs that have traveled far with me. =)

  2. Aww.. that's so mean! But hooray for logs that have taken you on adventures!! :)

  3. You're so sweet! Thanks for the shout out, and thanks for jumping on the "thankful" wagon! It's so important for girls to support one another. Have a lovely day my lovely friend!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for stopping by! :)

  5. Thanks Caz. I love the idea of my logs keeping me grounded.

    Now, I just need to find some boots that will zip up!

  6. Jagiri - if you find some, let me know!! :D

  7. I found some 2 years ago but the shop is closed now and the boots are dead (brand name has rubbed off too) :(

  8. Doh!! We are destined to have ill fitting boots!! *sigh*


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