Monday, 27 June 2011

From the Touch Rugby World Cup to the Kings of Leon...

So, it should be fairly apparent that I'm the biggest nana in town.. Monday - Friday I get up, I work, I go home, I cook dinner (most nights), eat dinner, potter around fb with the tv on, shower, then bed... Thursday nights I go to yoga if I am feeling inspired, tho recently late night shopping and the high street sales have proved much more seductive than yoga! Saturdays & Sundays, unless the weather is really good, or we have a reason to go out (ie. we need groceries), I'm more than happy to potter around home in my pj's and not leave the apartment..

I think I got my major partying days under my belt in my late teens/early 20's and now I'm just jaded.. and potentially also spoilt because due to various jobs I was very well looked after when I was out and about in Auckland.. and to be honest.. last trip I was home.. I was still very well looked after when I went out.. yes that means I mostly only go places where I know someone on staff.. but for the most part, they are places I would probably go regardless.. I digress..

So, in recent years I've chosen to lead a much more sedentary lifestyle and that's been totally fine with me.. when you've spent as many years behind the bar serving the belligerently inebriated, it's a good reminder as to why it's probably not so great being "that" person too often in your life... don't get me wrong.. I've done my fair share of dancing on tables and what have you.. gah.. I digress again..

What I'm trying to say is.. as with most things in my life.. when it rains it pours... and I'll go for weeks without anything on the social radar, then all of a sudden everything will happen all at the same time... last week was one of those weeks..

Wednesday - I caught up with Sarah, whom I went to high school with for a few years and pretty much haven't seen since.. so a little over a decade.. (don't do the maths!) as she was in town with her partner who plays on the Welsh Touch Rugby team, the Touch Rugby World Cup was on in Edinburgh this past week.. So Wednesday night she picked me up from work and we went to watch Wales vs. Austria (14-5 respectively), then I went back to their apartment and had dinner with them and some of the other boys they were sharing the apartment with..  tho it wasn't a heavy drinking night, it was a late night...

Thursday - I needed to return some stuff to a store and ended up going shopping as instructed by mother..

Friday - I had intentions to try and catch up with Sarah again but was just wiped when I got home and I think I was in bed before midnight... (nana!)

Saturday - Formula 1 qualifying, then food before heading out to an album launch.. then it was Shaun's leaving do, as well as Scotty's b'day (which I had to miss).. and as with any evening out involving Shaun.... there were many many jager bombs involved.. I pulled a houdini at 1am and skipped going to the "clubs"...

Sunday - nursing a sore head while I watched the Formula 1 race.. there wasn't much time to feel sorry for myself before having to get ready to head to the Kings of Leon concert... (whilst missing catching up with friends Steph & Phil who are over from Canada - will have to catch up with them when I'm over in the Summer..)

Which all = Monday - a very tired Caz at work who is very slowly losing the will to live... luckily, the bossman sounds like he had an even harder weekend and so I'm at least in good company..

I will hopefully get around to sharing some photos of these various events.. but considering I still haven't posted about my holiday to Ireland last month.. I probably wouldn't hold my breath... *sigh* but you never know!!

Just got a text from another friend from NZ "Montreal".. he's in town and wants to meet up tonight...

Tomorrow is our work "Summer Party" - ahem.. we are somehow signed up to take part in Jog Scotland and are running/walking 5km.. before going to dinner at some burger joint and a few drinks... - WHO has ever had a staff party that involved running 5km!?!?!?! WHAT!?!?! True story of my life...

xx Caz

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