Thursday, 21 July 2011

From Vancouver Airport to Victoria....

So after my already eventful trip to Canada... 
I got a decent grilling by the border patrol man about "the purpose of my visit" as a warm welcome to a country I lovingly called home for almost 3 years... at one stage I thought I was going to have to invite him to the weddings I'm going to just to prove that I wasn't lying! After assuring him that yes, I do indeed have a plane ticket outta here... it was time to navigate my way to the Canada Line.. I had read online that if you buy a booklet of "faresaver" tickets, it's cheaper than buying a ticket from the machines as they add on a $5 airport levy or something... a quick trip to the visitor information revealed that I had to get to the domestic terminal to get said tickets.. (apparently this airport levy is to mine money from the tourists!?!) After trapsing from one side of the airport to the other, I had said tickets in hand, it was time to check out this new skytrain.. it was clean and air conditioned but there was nowhere to put luggage that wasn't the middle of the walkway or in front of the doors!!

A 15 minute ride got me to Bridgeport where I had to change to get on a bus.. I had missed the previous bus by 20 minutes (so I probably woulda made it if it weren't for having to trapse to domestic to get my tickets!) so I had a 25 minute wait for the next bus... again, the bus had nowhere to put luggage.. so I ended up taking up two seats, I'm sure some people thought I was a douche considering the bus ended up being full.. ah well, it was that or putting my suitcase in the aisle for people to climb over.. probably garnering me the aforementioned douche status regardless!

The ferry ride was fairly uneventful and the lovely LB and JB were there to pick me up in Schwartz Bay and save me from the fate of the #70 bus into Victoria!

We stopped in town for a bite from the Bard & Banker and I consumed my first caesar in over a year! Yummo!! Then it was back to their place for a nap and some downtime before being handed over to JGP to head to HQ.. to unpack, shower, eat a yummy dinner, meet his fab new lady, then we all pretty much crashed out before midnight! All in all a good first day back on the rock!

It's looking like a fairly sunny day outside, so I will endeavor to venture out and grab a few supplies.. or I may snuggle back down into the couch and have a little nap... It's only 9am.. it's unnatural for me to be up and out at this time when I'm not needing to be at work! 

xx CazJetlag + sleeping on couch of people waking up at 6.30am to go to work = Caz being awake freakishly early!!  Tho JGP bringing coffee = not overly cranky Caz considering the early start! Can't say he doesn't know me well!

Happy Thursday folks!!

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