Thursday, 21 July 2011

Greetings from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada!

Howdie from the Land of Moose and Beavers!
I hope you've all had a good weekend and start to the week.. while I have been busy packing, toddler proofing my flat and travelling! I am well behind on my blog reading... but hoping to remedy that today!

Can't believe it was less than a week ago that I finished up at work.. I was there till 7pm on my last day (as in everyone else left and I was still there!) making sure everything was done and leaving a note for the temp coming to take my place.. coz I hate arriving at jobs feeling like I just don't know anything.. it's always nice to arrive to some cliff notes to ease into a new workplace.. (for me anyways)

Then the weekend was spent running some errands and doing some last minute shopping and Monday and Tuesday were spent tidying up the flat and packing.. the mister's sister and brudder in law are visiting with their toddler in a few weeks.. so I had to pack away any potential health and safety hazards.. (of which there were LOADS!)..

Yesterday we left at quarter past a sparrow's fart to drive to Glasgow... the plane was delayed by an HOUR.. because a) they somehow managed to double book some seats.... b) there was a guy who's seat was broken - a guy came on with a hammer to fix it... eep!? and c) they were having "minor technical difficulties" - which they seemed to fix with the age old... "turn it off then on again" trick!

I moved seats to help remedy the double booked seats problem as they were a family with young children who couldn't be separated.. but ended up sitting next to an arm rest hogging man.. which is fine.. apart from he seemed to think the armrest extended halfway across my seat and spent the majority of the 8.5hrs flight time with his elbow either in my ribs or in my arm... g.r.e.a.t... not so much..  I started watching Love and other Drugs but somehow managed to break my headphones.. I think I must have caught the plug when I stood up and bent it or something.. then was told that if I wanted crappy airline headphones I would have to pay £2.50 for the privilege, so decided that my sudoku book would have to do to pass the time.. Thanks for nothing Thomas Cook!
xx Caz
At least the food was erring on the side of edible!

Tales of my adventure to continue in the next post!

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