Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Spoon Cafe & Bistro, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh

Our table for dinner:
I loved the water jug!

Large airy interior of the cafe:

Graffiti/Paper Machier chairs:


Cute sideplates:

Yummy sourdough & butter:

Spicy Pork & Ginger Soup:

Art Nouveau Windows:

Pork Leg:

I have been to Spoon on a few occasions now and always had a great time. I love the space they are in, it is airy and lofty and to be honest I would love to live there! The furniture is mismatched and quirky.. there is a corner with a couch and another one with a big long wooden table.. It feels a bit like eating at someone's flat..

This occasion we dined with a coupon, so we got two courses and a bottle of wine. I was under the impression when I bought the coupon that we could order a la carte, but we were given a set menu to choose from upon arrival which was a bit disappointing.

I really enjoyed the starter of spicy pork and ginger soup, though the amount of pork was a bit meagre. The main course was ok.. the meat was tough and overcooked and the whole dish just really left me rather underwhelmed.

Service was good, not quite as attentive as usual, but we were there quite late and I think it was only the manager left on duty by the time we were done.. All in all, it was an ok evening.. Definitely not the great food I was expecting, which just made it all feel like a bit of a let down...

You will find Spoon at 6a Nicolson St, Edinburgh, EH8 9DH

xx CazWe weren't overly taken with anything on the dessert menu so decided to head out and find something on the way home... stay tuned to find out what had!


  1. I love all the mixed dishes and such! That table with the map detail is lovely and the windows... oh looking through those windows makes me want to move overseas and be your neighbor! Like tomorrow... Haha!

    I probably wouldn't survive without the heat and sunshine that I've grown accustomed to, but perhaps it would be worth a try... at least we could go thrifting together all the time! =)

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. I'd be super happy if you came to be my neighbour!! I'd love to go thrifting together!

    I am in desperate need for sun and warmth!! I'll come be your neighbour!!

  3. Holy mother of CHRIST look at that table! It's a map! A big map! Love it. Thanks for sharing xo

  4. Hi Kerry!

    Quite a few of the tables at the restaurant are giant maps! It's so cool! Glad you like it!! xx


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