Thursday, 14 July 2011

London Weekend

Morning lovelies!! The office is super quiet and I came to work in jeans on a Thursday, the sun is shining brightly in the sky and I am feeling light and airy!! (A vast improvement from yesterday when I left work feeling like I was a) going to cry and b) going to hit someone) Anywhos! I had such a lovely weekend in London last weekend that I just want to share it with you all! 

@Edinburgh Waverley Station, Waiting for the train:

Saturday morning, we walked through Kensington Park to Harrods:
(in case you missed out on why I needed to frequent Harrods... click here - it's the last convo if you're low on patience!)
 We wondered what this fruit was... Sok says hazelnut.. anyone know??!!
After lunch we came across this gallery in SoHo, they had amazingly fun things inside:
(I wasn't daring enough to take photos of them tho...)

Saturday night I ate at Yodita, an Eritrean Restaurant in Cricklewood... (yea I hadn't heard of it either until Saturday!..)
The food was good and unlike anything I'd really eaten before.. kind of like Indian meets Middle Eastern??
Lots of meat and sauces and you eat it with your hands.. as you can see in the photo! You get a crepe roll (middle plate) unroll it, tear pieces off and use it to grab the food on the big platters...
All in celebration of this guy's 30th..
(oops.. excuse the slightly bleary eyes.. I totally forgot to take photos until I was leaving to go home!)
Sunday after brunch & markets in Marylebone (post to come soon).. We went to Selfridges and the ever so loverly Sok treated us to macaroons from Pierre Herme! Thank you Sok!! (I figured out, it's not our 20th anniversary until NEXT year! - We will have to plan travels properly!! - We did a fairly poor job this year..)
Pink with glitter dust = Rose; Green = Asparagus & Pistachio??; Yellow = Lemon; Brown = Hazelnut & ??; Yellow with brown spots = Passionfruit! Wow, I could never be a food critic/writer eh?? Can't even remember 5 flavours!.. shoulda taken notes & written it down!! (Sok - HELP!!)
Regardless of the fact that I have a terrible memory and don't remember the exact flavours we ate.. they were ALL delicious!! Our favourites were the Lemon & Passionfruit (which was saved until last!)

If you are in London and passing by Selfridges, stop in and get yourself some macaroons.. they're not the cheapest treats you'll find, but they're definitely worth it!! Our 5 macaroons were just over £8.. not exactly budget breaking either! ; )

xx Caz
Stay tuned for posts about our lunch at PingPong & brunch at Providores as well as Marylebone Farmer's Market!! And maybe our hilarious impromptu photo shoot on Sok's balcony! HAHA


  1. You should've put a drool inducing disclaimer at the beginning of this post. Nom nom nom! That food looks delish!

  2. :D Earl-Leigh! I will keep it in mind for next time!! :) Wait till you see what else I ate!! NOMMY!!

  3. Wow they look so yummy!!! follow back please?


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